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Best Designer Mini Crossbody Bags

Best Designer Mini Crossbody Bags That Deserve To Be In Your Collection

Do you love designer mini bags? Me too! How can one not love these cuties? You may believe that they are not worth the money, and it is better to buy a purse of a bigger size to be able to fit more inside which is much more practical. But today we are going to prove that these best designer mini crossbody bags totally deserve the right to be in your collection!


Louis Vuitton Monceau BB

Best Designer Mini Bags That Deserve To Be In Your Collection louis vuitton monceau bb

This bag is a mini version of the imperishable Monceau. It looks amazing and exists in several bright and eye-catching colors. The bag can't be called spacious, the biggest thing it can fit is a wallet or another SLG or a cosmetic pouch. Monceau BB features a long comfortable shoulder strap, inside there is a small pocket and two separate sections.

If we speak about this particular bag crafted of Vernis leather, it is very Instagrammable and ideal for going out. Since it has a retro look, it will be a great option for a date or a cocktail party. Moreover, it looks as a cuter version of the popular Pochette Metis, so if you are looking for a Pochette Metis alternative, this is your must-have. By the way, here are 6 Best Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis Alternatives.

Disadvantages: Vernis leather is not the most long-lasting materials - it tends to get scratched very easily. With all efforts, they cannot be avoided. Also, the flap is very structured and the opening is not very comfortable. But perfectly polished patent leather adds a special chic. This design is discontinued (here is more on discontinued Louis Vuitton bags: best-sellers on the pre-loved market) so you can get it only pre-loved. In our shop in this exact OMG color Louis Vuitton Monceau BB Lilas Vernis is $1,299. 



 Louis Vuitton Alma BB

Best Designer Mini Bags That Deserve To Be In Your Collection louis vuitton alma bb

Louis Vuitton Alma BB needs no introduction. An iconic bag in mini size straight from the 30s of the last century and one of Louis Vuitton's timeless designs.

The bag is quite roomy compared to Louis Vuitton Monceau. It has no sections, so it will fit a full-sized wallet without any problem, the strap is long, and the handles are also comfortable to carry the purse in hands. 

The main advantage of this bag is that Louis Vuitton Alma BB was released in almost any colour and leather - Canvas, Epi, Vernis leather (as in the picture). Even at our online consignment store you can find 4 Almas BB in different colours - Louis Vuitton Citrine Vernis Alma BB, Louis Vuitton Lime Epi Alma BB, Louis Vuitton Blueberry Vernis Alma BB, Louis Vuitton Turquoise Vernis Alma BB. If you are still unsure which kind of leather to choose - Epi or Vernis, here is our video review!

Disadvantages: the opening may not be to everyone's liking, as the bag has two sliders, so you don't get the full access to what is inside quickly. 

The retail price is $2,020, for a pre-loved purse you would pay around $1,000.



Louis Vuitton Speedy Nano

Best Designer Mini Bags That Deserve To Be In Your Collection Louis Vuitton Speedy Nano


Another unforgettable thing, a mini version of the famous Speedy. This is exactly what a mini bag lover needs. It crafted from monogrammed leather that will never be confused with anything else. This bag is ideal for a contemporary woman, because it perfectly accommodates a wallet and a phone, but what else do you need? 

It looks great however you choose to wear it: in hand, on the shoulder or as a crossbody. The bag has no sections, the strap is comfortable and long enough.

Disadvantages: for some people, this handbag can be really small. Wearing it on your elbow might not be the most comfortably way, and it can also be difficult to find a thing you need inside the purse because of its shape but it never stopped anyone, and the bag is quite popular. 

The retail price on the official Louis Vuitton website is $1,180.



Chanel Mini Flap Bag 

Best Designer Mini Bags That Deserve To Be In Your Collection Chanel Mini Flap Square

If you truly need a good investment, Chanel is always your choice. It is recognizable even by people far from the fashion world. There are 2 variations of Chanel Mini Flap bag - square and rectangular. As you might guess from their names, the only difference between them is their shape. Everything else is absolutely the same. More on this in our Chanel Mini Flap Reference Guide: Everything You Need to Know About The Smallest Chanel Bag.

Despite its small size, the bag is quite roomy. Manufactured from soft leather, the purse features a strap is long enough to wear it comfortably as a crossbody. Compared to Louis Vuitton Monceau, Chanel Mini is comfortable to open. Besides, it has an external pocket on the back, which is very convenient if you need to have a card at hand.

Disadvantages: despite the fact that the material the bag is manufactured from is very soft and pleasant to the touch, it may be a disadvantage in the future. Such leather wears out quite quickly. Unfortunately, your great-grandchildren probably won't be able to inherit and enjoy this bag.


The retail price is now $3,600, and if you are looking for a pre-loved Chanel Mini Flap, then the prices start around $2,000. 



Givenchy Antigona Mini

Best Designer Mini Bags That Deserve To Be In Your Collection Givenchy Antigona Mini

Perhaps this bag is a little lost among the above ones, as it can't be called a popular or investment piece. However, it is still a great option of a small handbag that will match absolutely any outfit.

Givenchy Antigona Mini is the largest of all as it can fit a full-sized wallet with no difficulty. Crafted from high-quality leather, it is very roomy, there are no sections as in the Alma BB, but it can hardly be called bulky and looks quite stylish.

Disadvantages: size again. If you are looking for a classic mini-sized bag, then this bag may not be the best choice. For some, it may just be inconvenient. Also, as already mentioned, Givenchy is not as strong a brand as Chanel or Louis Vuitton.

Back to the bright side, this bag is very affordable compared to all the above-mentioned: even the retail price is less than $2,000, so you can easily find it pre-owned for less than $1,000.


Which Mini Bag is the Best - Louis Vuitton, Chanel or Givenchy?

So, the question still stands: which mini bag to chose? Here is a comparison table.





Investment piece

Pre-loved price

Louis Vuitton Monceau  BB

Vernis Leather, Monogram Canvas, Epi Leather

Not a classic

Uncomfortable opening



Louis Vuitton Alma BB

Vernis Leather, Canvas, Epi Leather

One of the oldest LV designs

Uncomfortable opening



Louis Vuitton Nano Speedy

Monogram Canvas

New look of the classics

Uncomfortable opening



Chanel Mini Flap

Soft Leather (Chanel Caviar)

Timeless classic

Too soft leather



Givenchy Antigona Mini


Givenchy classic

Not a classic mini size




The choice is not obvious, and tastes differ. In brief, if you are not short of money and search for an investment piece, then choose Chanel. If you still want a classic designer piece, then go for Louis Vuitton Alma BB. Louis Vuitton Speedy Nano is for those who want to be trendy. Monceau BB is a perfect alternative to Pochette Metis in case you are in love with this style. And Givenchy is an affordable, yet adorable and practical luxury bag. I hope we convinced you that at least one of this best designer mini bags deserves to be in your collection. And if you are still uncertain, here is our video review of the bags we have just talked about!

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