Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Buying Guide: Epi vs Monogram

Louis Vuitton Neverfull is a must-have bag for every bag collector. Some use it as a workhorse daily, others just as a cover for their Birkins but you can't resist the fact that it's not a bag that will sit in your closet. You'll use it. And that's why it's a great investment and you need a Neverfull in your collection.

However, as Neverfull became one of the most widespread Louis Vuitton bags, it's produced almost in all the leathers, color combinations and sizes. It's important to choose the right purse.

Basically, it's a choice between a canvas Neverfull and an Epi Neverfull.


Neverfull Durability

As Neverfull is often used as a diaper bag or as a workhorse, durability is what we're striving to find. Great news, both beauties are durable. I've never heard about any issues with monogram Neverfulls and Epi is great too as the wear is always not visible especially if we're talking about black epi.

Winner: both

Neverfull Color Choice

Obviously, Epi seems more attractive here as you can find almost any color combo plus you don't need to take special care of the leather. 

Winner: Epi

Possible Issues

When it comes to monogram, we all are afraid of canvas cracks cause a lot of new Louis Vuitton bags have this defect. Good to know Neverfull is more of an exclusion. Cracking is barely possible considering the trapeze shape of the bag. However, be ready for top trim leather cracks. It's not gonna happen very soon but eventually, after several years of severe overuse, you'll see them. Just FYI, Louis Vuitton charges less than $100 to replace that part.

Epi bags will also show wear on the top trim but most often it's chips of leather, not cracks. Unlike the monogram Neverfull, its Epi sister is gonna show rubbed corners sooner. What's more important, a lot of Epi Neverfulls have had a terrible defect: the edge cote on the handles melted after several years of use. It could ruin your clothes and you should've put some time into fixing the bag.

This glazing issue was widespread in 2013-2014 Neverfulls. I'm not aware of the new Neverfulls quality. If you know whether they have this defect, comment below.



Here's a quick overview of both Neverfull MM (monogram and epi) and their comparison. 

Canvas Epi 
Holds shape Yes Yes
Color choice Monogram, Azur, Ebene All you can possibly imagine. some are discontinued
Weight Lightweight A bit heavier
Possible issues Top trim cracks Leather wrinkles, melted glazing
Price $1,390 $2,090


Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Epi vs Monogram Review

Watch our video where we compare the Mono and Epi Neverfulls side by side and you're able to see the differences right away.

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