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Louis Vuitton Real vs Fake Comparison How to Spot a Fake Alma BB

Louis Vuitton Real vs Fake Comparison How to Spot a Fake Alma BB

Louis Vuitton Alma BB is the ultimate fashionista’s dream. Named after a bridge in Paris, this lightweight crossbody blends style with functionality and the brand legacy. As Alma BB is so popular, it’s one of the most counterfeited handbags in the world. That is why if you’re getting a preowned Alma BB, it’s important to know how to spot a Louis Vuitton Alma BB fake as well as how to tell it from a real Alma BB.

The goal of this article is to protect you from scammers who will often try to sell you a replica saying it's an authentic Louis Vuitton bag. many you aware of certain aspects you need to take into account when authenticating an item so that you never fall victim to luxury handbag scams!


Is It Possible to Authenticate a Louis Vuitton Handbag By Yourself?

Although purchasing an expensive item means you can turn to an expert on the preloved market, there are a few things that you can check yourself. However, before we get to these items, let's discuss types of fakes for a moment.

At Bagaholic, we often mention that there are 3 levels of fakes:


  • Level 1: Poorly crafted fakes

These have clear differences with an authentic handbag. You don’t even need to look at the details, the differences are obvious if you pay attention. For instance, an LV monogram may be missing but the purse will show some round flowers resembling the Louis Vuitton iconic fleur de lis print.

  • Level 2: Medium fakes

These purses are too different. Most of them are hard to authenticate to the untrained eye because you can identify what you see but you are not sure what it means. For instance, you may not untypical font on the heat stamp, but does that mean that the bag is fake or that the purse was manufactured in different countries and this exact country had another font? Both can be true.

  • Level 3: Superfakes

Only a professional authenticator can note the differences. They’re usually so subtle (a giveaway can be just one tiny detail, a letter or a number) that even a pro can be confused.

Having said that, let’s move on to examining a comparison of authentic and fake Louis Vuitton Alma BB handbags. Most of these purses are level 1 and level 2 fakes.

How to Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton Alma BB

Here's a checklist that will allow you to tell all the level 1 replicas.


Step 1. Examine the outer part

Let’s have some practice. Take a look at these two Alma BB crossbody bags from Louis Vuitton. They may seem similar, however, one can clearly see that the yellow purse looks at least more used.

1 how to spot a fake louis vuitton alma bb real fake leather

We are familiar with Alma BB in vernis leather, so we know for sure that the yellow purse doesn’t look like authentic Louis Vuitton vernis leather. It’s too plastic and even when a purse is very used, the real leather has other signs of wear.

Another difference you may note is the handle. The yellow Alma BB’s handle has wrinkles on the inside while an authentic Alma BB doesn’t show such wrinkles. Authentic Louis Vuitton leather is perfectly smooth so if you notice wrinkles on a handbag you’re eyeing, look for another purse.

how to spot a fake louis vuitton alma bb real fake leather

Here’s another Alma BB in vernis leather, this time it’s black. You may note that the two purses, replica and real, look different in some way. The fake Alma BB is too flat, which almost never happens with an authentic Alma BB. A purse can lose its shape but there's definitely more going on.


Step 2. Examine the bottom

how to spot a fake louis vuitton alma bb real fake comparison bottom hardware

Again, a lot of purses look exactly the same on the bottom, still, with this yellow Alma we have obvious differences. If you look closely, the bottom studs are much smaller on an authentic Louis Vuitton Alma BB bag. On a fake Alma BB the studs touch the stitching, while on authentic handbag they’re just nice and small.


Step 3. Examine the inside

how to spot a fake louis vuitton alma bb real fake comparison inside

Let’s take a look at the inside materials to see the differences between an authentic and a fake Alma BB. A replica obviously demonstrates cheaper material, which looks used. On authentic Alma BB the inside lining is attached to the sides of the handbag so that they’re one unit. On the replica as you can see there’s some space between the lining and the purse sides.


Step 4. Examine the hardware

how to spot a fake louis vuitton alma bb real fake comparison hardware

Despite most modern designer purse fakes have copied the hardware almost perfectly, sometimes a purse’s hardware can be taken into account when authenticating.

At first glance it may seem that zipper pullers look almost identical. As soon as we start to compare them, we’ll discover that there are some inconsistencies. On authentic purse the thickness of the LV monogram is different. The left part of both V and L is thicker than the right one.

On the fake Alma the LV monogram has the same thickness throughout. That’s a red flag and it doesn’t happen on authentic Louis Vuitton hardware.


Step 5. Examine the stamps and fonts

how to spot a fake louis vuitton alma bb real fake comparison heat stamp

Stamps and fonts are by far the most important part of authentication. When trying to spot a fake, it’s very important to pay attention to the fonts.

Louis Vuitton has been using numerous stamps and fonts throughout their history but modern Louis Vuitton items have been using the same font all over again. If you know what a real font looks, then sometimes one look is enough to understand that someone is trying to scam you right now.

It’s important to note that despite this font being hard to duplicate, level 3 replicas have copied heat stamps almost perfectly.


Step 5. Examine the date code

how to spot a fake louis vuitton alma bb real fake DATE CODE

If there is a date code on the item, it should also be taken into account when trying to tell a real item from a fake one.

An important step in authenticating via date code would be checking if it's legit. You can do this with our Bagaholic Louis Vuitton Date Code Checker or using our full guide on Louis Vuitton date codes with over 500 examples. It's also called free authentication as it allows to sort out multiple fakes, including this one.

louis vuitton alma bb fake serial number comparison

If you submit an MO926 date code, you'll get a verdict: Your Item is NOT Authentic'.

It's very important to understand that an online checker is not a replacement for professional authentication! Counterfeiters know how to copy date codes, including legit date codes.

It's worth noting that not any of the Louis Vuitton handbags have a date code.

Did you like the comparison? Check out our real fake comparison for a Louis Vuitton Croisette bag.


Conclusion: Can You Tell a Fake Louis Vuitton Alma BB From a Real One?

Spotting a fake may seem easy, however, it requires a great deal of knowledge.

Here’s what you need to know before proceeding to authentication:

  • History of the brand, their product lines
You need to understand when a specific item was released, whether this or that print ever existed. 
  • Knowledge of the stamps, codes
There are not specific rules u need to be aware of the timeline and how the stamps and codes changed during the years both for vintage and modern items.
  • Knowledge of materials, their signs of wear and damage

Over the years a lot of Louis Vuitton purses were released in so many colors and leathers that it’s hard to keep up.

  • Knowledge of exclusions
When it comes to authentication, there are certain rules. However, these rules always have exclusions. Knowing these rare cases makes you a pro!

    As we are an authentication company, we can’t stop but share this feedback with you. One of our customers purchased an authentication and it turned out, the handbag was not authentic.

    'OMG! The seller told me it’s authentic. It also had a receipt. I paid in cash and now she just blocked me…'

    Unfortunately, we get similar emails a lot. Moreover, we ourselves know how bitter it is to realize that scammers now have your hard-earned money and you just have a fake designer handbag. Thus, we always recommend to authenticate a secondhand luxury handbag you’re purchasing.

    Be aware that as we mentioned in the beginning not all the fake designer purses have any outer giveaways. Most modern replicas look exactly as authentic designer handbags. Don’t risk your money – a professional authentication starts from $10 only.


    Authenticate a Louis Vuitton Alma BB and many more!


    Always order a professional authentication before you make the deal. It will 100% prevent you from welcoming a cheap counterfeit item into your collection. Want to be sure about your purchase? Check our stock and select the ideal Alma – we have different options available!

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    If you need to authenticate a Louis Vuitton/Dior/Gucci item, please order one of the three types of authentication:

    Verbal Authentication $10

    • good when you need a certificate for any reason,

    Certificate of Authenticity $25

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    Certificate of Authenticity with a thorough explanation $50

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