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Louis Vuitton Summer 2021 By the Pool Collection

Louis Vuitton Summer 2021 By the Pool Collection

In anticipation of warm sunny days, Louis Vuitton presents a new capsule collection – Louis Vuitton Summer 2021 By the Pool Collection. The Louis Vuitton Monogram pattern with a colorful gradient will be a perfect complement to a bright summer look. The collection seems to be specially created for a spontaneous summer trip. Spend this summer stylishly, pampering yourself with accessories from the new undoubtedly colorful capsule.



What Is Louis Vuitton Summer 2021 By the Pool Collection?

Louis Vuitton Summer 2021 By the Pool Collection Summer By The Pool Onthego

This hot season, Louis Vuitton opens a new creative horizon, where there is no limit to creative self-expression and there are no frames and boundaries. When creating this collection, the designers were inspired by the gentle sunrise, flaming sunset and serene surface of the water.

The By the Pool collection presents luxury goods in romantic colors – from a wideghn range of yellow shades, dainty pastels, a gradient of blue tones to all the colors of the summer sorbet – all the colors that are trendy this season. Read more about Spring-Summer 2021 Bag Trends: How To Stay Fashionable Shopping Pre-Owned. The designers want to awaken in true Louis Vuitton fans memories of a quiet day on the beach in our busy time.



Louis Vuitton Summer 2021 By the Pool Collection: Bags and Small Leather Goods

The By the Pool collection includes a wide range of clothing, accessories and shoes: cotton shirts, Bermuda shorts, bikinis, printed caps, belts, fun bag charms, wallets and keyholders, sunglasses, sandals and sneakers. As for the luxury bags, the collection features both new models (Marshmallow and Papillon BB) and interpretations of the iconic models of the House - Onthego, Keepall and NéoNoé. The prices for the bags and small leather goods can be found in the table below. If you would like to know the current prices for other Louis Vuitton items, check out Louis Vuitton Increases Prices Worldwide in January 2021




Multi Pochette Accessoires


Neverfull MM


Tiny Backpack


Zippy Wallet


NéoNoé BB


NéoNoé MM


Onthego GM


Onthego MM


Kirigami Pochette


Victorine Wallet


Summer By The Pool Tambour Brume Strap


Twist PM


Twist MM


Straws and Pouch




Kirigami Pouch Bag Charm and Key Holder


Card Holder


Mini Pochette Accessoires


Papillon BB


Felicie Pochette


Petit Sac Plat


Clemence Notebook


Illustre Bag Charm and Key Holder


Trio Pouch


Capucines Mini


Capucines BB


Capucines MM


Capucines Compact Wallet


LV Pool Party Reversible Belt


Cosmetic Pouch


Toiletry Pouch 26


Maxi Dragonne Key Holder


Party Palmspring Arm Bracelet


Zippy Coin Purse


Keepall Bandouliere 45


Speedy Bandouliere 25


LV Initiales 30 mm Reversible Belt




Louis Vuitton Summer 2021 By the Pool Collection: Louis Vuitton Marshmallow and Louis Vuitton Papillon BB 

Louis Vuitton Summer 2021 By the Pool Collection Louis Vuitton Marshmallow

The Louis Vuitton Marshmallow bag has become a hit right after its release. Let’s find out why the bag is so good.  The Marshmallow is available in two colors – dusty rose “Bouton de Rose” and pastel “Crème/Safran”. The bag is made of the Monogram Empreinte leather with a gradient pattern.

This hobo bag with its rounded shape looks like a sweet marshmallow. Inside, there is one main compartment and one flat pocket. Thanks to the comfortable strap, the bag can be carried on the shoulder, on the elbow and in hands. The measurements of the bag: 9.4 x 8.7 x 5.1 inches. It can fit a mini pochette, a wallet, a key pouch, a 6 key holder, a hand cream, a lip balm, and there is still room left. The Marshmallow will still have a good shape even stuffed. Such a bag will definitely emphasize your femininity and add a touch of innocence to your everyday look.

Louis Vuitton Summer 2021 By the Pool Collection Louis Vuitton Papillon BB

The Louis Vuitton Papillon BB is presented in the same colors and leather as the first novelty – a beautiful pastel color with a gradient print, made of the embossed grainy cowhide. However, this model is made in the form of a cute cylinder. The removable and adjustable jacquard strap makes it a perfect cross-body bag. Or you can carry it in your hands thanks to the two comfortable handles. A removable round coin purse will add lightness and playfulness to your look. Its measurements: 3.5 x 3.5 x 0.4 inches. The measurements of the bag itself are 7.9 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches. Inside the Papillon there is one flap pocket that will fit a wallet, 3 key holders and an iPhone 12 max. Note, that the shape of the bag looks better when it is stuffed than when it is empty.



Louis Vuitton Summer 2021 By the Pool Collection: First Reviews

Louis Vuitton Summer 2021 By the Pool Collection Louis Vuitton Capucines

Fashionistas from all over the world are wildly enthusiastic about the New Louis Vuitton Summer 2021 By the Pool Collection and share their impressions -  “a real sugar candy”, “stunning”, “cute”, “I would never have thought that I would fall in love with pink”, “more luxurious than ever”, etc.

The forums are already abuzz with talk about this cool new capsule. Fans of the fashion house mostly write that they are in love with the neutral tones and would buy something in a heartbeat! Others, fascinated by the warm and rich colors of this gorgeous collection, are already dreaming of buying some accessory for their holidays. And for some people, impeccable shapes and bright colors make them dream of endless summer. There is simply no one who is indifferent to this divine collection.




Every summer we get something special from Louis Vuitton. For this year’s hot season, LV has created a truly unique and eye-catching collection. High-quality materials and summer colors – from bright to pastel – are going to win the hearts of luxury bag lovers. There is no doubt that new items from Louis Vuitton Summer 2021 By the Pool Collection will help you feel free and relaxed this summer 2021.


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