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New Louis Vuitton Summer 2021 Watercolor Men’s Collection

New Louis Vuitton Summer 2021 Watercolor Men’s Collection

This time Louis Vuitton, a flagship French brand, has decided to pamper men by presenting a new Watercolor Men’s Collection for the upcoming summer 2021. The new Louis Vuitton collection full of juicy colors and soft blue pastels will be more appropriate than ever this hot summer.



What Is New Louis Vuitton Summer 2021 Watercolor Collection?

New Louis Vuitton Summer 2021 Watercolor Men’s Collection

The new Louis Vuitton summer’21 Watercolor men’s collection has become the most talked about and anticipated collection of the French fashion house this year. First, because this is the first limited-edition capsule collection for men by Louis Vuitton creative director Virgil Abloh. Secondly, because the collection turned out to be a true crossover as it includes a huge number of great items.

The signature LV Monogram is reinterpreted this time in watercolor style. The drop takes on a whole new meaning in pastel colors that melt like ice cream on a hot summer day. 

Virgil Abloh created the collection, being inspired by California art and speed skating culture. The muse of the collection has become American rapper 21 Savage, who brilliantly personifies the collection with his unbridled energy and a lot of new creative musical ideas. The collection will undoubtedly appeal to creative youth and will brighten this summer with brand-new colors.



New Louis Vuitton Men’s Watercolor Palette

New Louis Vuitton Summer 2021 Watercolor Men’s Collection Watercolor palette

The items in this collection are presented in three different watercolor palettes, but they all feature the classic Louis Vuitton Monogram.

  1. Watercolor Monogram  – the Monogram pattern in multicolored pastel, the colors evoking Virgil Abloh’s iconic rainbow.
  2. Ink Monogram on navy blue grained leather – a light-blue-and-white Monogram print with a watercolor feel.
  3. Watercolor Blue Monogram – a water-specked, pastel-blue interpretation of the classic Monogram motif. 

If you look at the history of the Louis Vuitton fashion house, it is not the first time the Monogram is reinterpreted using watercolor design. Find out Everything about Louis Vuitton Prints and Patterns and Popular Limited Edition Collaborations (With Photo Examples).



New Louis Vuitton Summer 2021 Watercolor Men’s Collection: Bags and Small Leather Goods

New Louis Vuitton Summer 2021 Watercolor Men’s Collection

The new collection includes more than 20 bags and small leather goods. These are Keepalls, backpacks, wallets, etc. You can find their prices in the table below.




Keepall Bandouliere 50


Keepall XS


City Keepall


Tote GM


Discovery Backpack


Outdoor Pouch


Discovery Bumbag


Pochette Voyage


Dopp Kit


Monogram Watercolor Bag Charm and Key Holder


Multiple Wallet


Pocket Organizer


Card Holder


Elizabeth Pencil Pouch


Phone Pouch


Trio Messenger


Mini Sac Marin


Sac Plat


Slender Wallet



The new men's collection features not only bags, but also a huge range of other items for men – vibrant, watercolor print bucket hats, pullovers, shorts, swimsuits, cotton pajamas, indigo pinstriped button-downs, and a number of accessories (enameled rings and multicolored link bracelets, sunglasses, sneakers, and mules). In the era of the Coronavirus pandemic, there is no fashion house that hasn't released their branded masks, and Louis Vuitton is not an exception. By the way, if you are shopping pre-owned, we have already answered on the most popular question: Can you catch the coronovirus from buying a pre-loved bag?



New Louis Vuitton Summer 2021 Watercolor Men’s Collection: Reviews 

New Louis Vuitton Summer 2021 Watercolor Men’s Collection

The extraordinary collection has been received by fashionistas from all over the world with great enthusiasm and delight. Enthusiastic epithets luxury bag lovers use are “adorable”, “cute”, “lovely”, “bright and stylish”, “true infinity”, “splendid splashes of watercolor”.

It is not a surprise that men's collection appeals to girls as well because of its soft and tender colors. Men like the palette with faded blue more, while girls admire the bright rainbow one. However, there are also those who believe that the print is amazing and stunning, but they now prefer to stick with classic prints as they are a better investment. If you are still not convinced that Louis Vuitton purses are great investment piece, check out Why You Should Invest in Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Right Now

And almost everyone agrees with the eco-friendly approach that has been used to manufacture this new collection. The color palette was made without chlorine or metals, and the cotton is certified by the Better Cotton Initiative or the Global Organic Textile Initiative.

Since the collection is limited and long-awaited, almost everything on the site is already sold out. But they say that most of the items have been sent to boutiques. So, do not miss your chance to buy a fashionable new piece of the season.



The French fashion house continues to surprise. One could only dream of such a diverse and vibrant but at the same time elegant and versatile capsule. Now men can treat themselves to exquisite and trendy items. Moreover, the bag collection turned out to be to women's taste, so do not be surprised to meet a charming girl with a purse from New Louis Vuitton Summer 2021 Watercolor Men’s Collection. 


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