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Top 5 Water Protection for Louis Vuitton Neverfull You Can Find On Amazon

Top 5 Water Protection for Louis Vuitton Neverfull You Can Find On Amazon

A genuine leather Louis Vuitton handbag is a stylish and noble accessory that is supposed to serve you for a long time. However, as their signature handbags use untreated vachetta leather, an additional water protection can prevent water stains and extend the life of your luxury purse.

This article will list top 5 water protection chemicals that we tried ourselves on Louis Vuitton handbags in our consignment store at some point. 

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Why Use a Water Protection Spray on Your Louis Vuitton Neverfull?


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Leather is still considered a luxurious and durable material, since it is pretty resistant to water and wear and tear.

However, as the summer is ending, the dangers of fall winder weather step in. Being exposed to snow and rain, you favorite purse can lose its water-proof properties and get dirty faster. And, the most unpleasant thing – very ugly stains can appear on it that will be problematic to get rid of. In this connection, using water-repellent agents for leather is always relevant. So here goes our top 5 recommended water protection for Louis Vuitton Neverfull, one of the bestsellers of the French fashion house.


Should I Treat Leather On My Bag Before The First Use?

Top 5 Recommended Water Protection for Louis Vuitton Neverfull You Can Find On Amazon


Thanks to technological advancement the solution has long been found, tested and deservedly has millions of fans around the world. Water-repellent agents! They are available in the form of various liquids, aerosols, and other sprays. Nevertheless, there are still discussions about whether it is worth treating the leather at all. Right now we will tell you the whole truth about agents and reveal the secret of their proper use, exclusively for the intended purpose.

According to the manufacturers, water-repellent agents do not allow moisture to seep into the product and maintain a normal “microclimate”. “That’s what I need,” many will say. In practice, it turns out that water repellents are not so water-repellent. The fact is that they do not repel water, rainwater just rolls off such leather. But, in order not to frighten us with the terms, manufacturers have decided to call them “water-repellent”.

That is, by treating the leather with a water-repellent agent, we achieve that it will now be much more difficult for it to absorb water. By the way, dust and dirt will suffer the same fate, but the air will spare. Therefore, the leather will be protected, and air permeability will not suffer. What’s more, the use of water-repellent agents not only protects against moisture but also increases leather resistance to abrasion.

Water repellents should be applied from the first day, and you should apply them further from time to time, if necessary (since the water-repellent layer wears off over time). This way you will prolong the useful life of your favorite handbags.

Our hand-picked list, which includes the most effective, safe, and easy-to-use water protection agents, will make it simpler for you to choose the best product to prolong the life of your Louis Vuitton purse.



Top 5 Recommended Water Protection For Louis Vuitton Neverfull

When we are talking about water protection for Louis Vuitton Neverfull, we primarily mean protection for the precious Vachetta leather that attracts water stains very easily. And it can be quite hard to remove them once they appear.


1. Apple Garde

Top 5 Recommended Water Protection for Louis Vuitton Neverfull You Can Find On Amazon Apple Garde

It forms an invisible protective layer that protects your handbags from stains, water, salt stains, body oils, grease, sweat, coffee, wine, and any other damage that can appear on your leather products. Apple Garde will not change the color or shade of your bag, nor will it leave any sticky residue. Great for bags, purses, belts, and more. 

According to reviews from Louis Vuitton owners, it doesn’t darken the Vachetta, but it has a strong smell, so spray in a well-ventilated area. Some people note that Apple Garde might slow the patina process on Neverfull so if you would like your bag to develop a honey patina faster, choose another water protection for your Louis Vuitton handbag.

Order Apple Garde from Amazon and forget abut vachetta watermarks on Louis Vuitton handbags.



2. Patina Champ

Top 5 Recommended Water Protection for Louis Vuitton Neverfull You Can Find On Amazon Patina champ method

The Patina Champ is actually not a water repellent, but a method that one of Louis Vuitton fans has come up with. It speeds up the process of patina development (as opposed to the previous method) - ideal for people who like to have a bag with darker Vachetta in order for it to tell the story of how it was used. 

The method is the following: when you get your new bag put it in the sunlight for 3 days just 1 hour at a time. Turn bag once during the hour. On day 4 take a white cotton sock, wet it wring it out good then wipe down all the Vachetta evenly. Then set it on your dresser and let it dry overnight. In the morning take a dry sock and polish your Vachetta softly. Afterward, wipe down and polish it again every 3 months. The reason you should do this every 3 months is that you don’t want the handle to turn black.



3. KIWI Protect-All Waterproofer Spray

Top 5 Recommended Water Protection for Louis Vuitton Neverfull You Can Find On Amazon KIWI Protect-All Waterproofer Spray

The agent is available in a convenient spray format and is designed for all leather types. The silicons included in the composition mask scratches and scuffs, give shine and prevent color fading. The spray contains components that prevent drying, cracking, and deformation. The unique formula provides a prolonged effect.

However, you can find a number of negative reviews on the Internet that the spray changes the color of the leather by several tones. Therefore, before using it, be sure to test it on an invisible area of your handbag.

In our experience, Kiwi Protect covers the vachetta nicely and evenly. After using it on a few Louis Vuitton handbags with vachetta trimps, we can recommend this spray.

You can order it here from Amazon.



4. Collonil Carbon Pro Waterproofing Spray

Top 5 Recommended Water Protection for Louis Vuitton Neverfull You Can Find On Amazon Collonil Carbon Pro Waterproofing Spray

When it comes to protecting your precious leather bags and shoes from moisture and dirt, Collonil products are the most underrated ones. Their level of protection is consistent with the highest standards, so be sure vachetta on your Louis Vuitton bags will stay the same color for as long as it can, and will age gracefully.

The main feature of this agent is that it is can be used for clothing, almost any footwear (shoes, sneakers, etc.) and for textiles and leather accessories. But to achieve a water-repellent effect, it is necessary to apply it to the surface several times. Keep the balloon strictly at a 20 cm distance. The items treated with it maintain normal air exchange and do not allow unpleasant odors to appear.

This Collonil product is available on Amazon.


5. Obenaufs Heavy Duty LP

Top 5 Recommended Water Protection for Louis Vuitton Neverfull You Can Find On Amazon Obenaufs Heavy Duty LP

According to reviews, it is one of the best wax agents in the United States for protecting leather accessories. It consists of a mixture of natural oils with propolis and beeswax. It does not contain silicone. It softens the leather, gives it elasticity, and protects it from further aging, as well as protects it from chemicals, salts, acids, mold, bacteria, repels water. They say that it lasts for a very long time and protects the leather well.



Whatever water-repellent agent from our Top 5 Recommended Water Protection for Louis Vuitton Neverfull you choose to purchase, if used correctly, none of them will let you down. Therefore, before use, you should carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions and try to follow them in order to enjoy the pristine condition of your bag for a long time.

It is especially important to do that if you are willing to resell it in the future and become a handbag reseller. 

Here are some more useful information and tips to help you on that journey.

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