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lv vs ysl which brand is better

Which Brand Is Better: Louis Vuitton vs Yves Saint Laurent

For a long time, French brands have been the heart and the soul of the fashion industry. Each year, millions of fashionistas are looking forward to new collections and releases. The majority of the most famous luxury fashion houses originated in France, although their influence has spread across the world. It’s very natural that people try to compare them in order to get the best possible items. Today, we are going to find out which brand is better: Louis Vuitton vs YSL.

We will do a thorough step-by-step assessment of the most important features of each company, their main achievements, goals, and what they focus on. As a result, you’ll get a clear image of each brand and can decide what is more suitable for you. Are you curious to find out?

Let’s get started!



Louis Vuitton vs Yves Saint Laurent: Brand History

Which Brand Is Better: Louis Vuitton vs Yves Saint Laurent

First, let’s travel back in time and learn more about how each of the luxury fashion houses appeared. History can tell us more about the values and heritage of these companies. Moreover, their historical path was completely different, though both brands were born in the heart of France.

Louis Vuitton

Saint Laurent

Place of origin: Paris, France

Year of foundation: 1854 (127 years)

Place of origin: Paris, France

Year of foundation: 1961 (60 years)

Brief history: the name of the fashion house has already become legendary, and the brand itself is always associated with chic and luxury. Since the opening of the very first atelier selling trunks for rich travelers, Louis Vuitton has been aiming for wealthy clientele. It’s not a secret that the famous founder of the company worked as a personal trunk maker of the French royal family. Such an experience allowed him to understand the needs of the high-class society and give them durable and stylish suitcases. Later, the range of products was expanded to smaller goods made of canvas and leather (handbags and wallets). Nowadays, you can get any piece of clothing or accessory in the store – from sunglasses to shoes.

Brief history: the founder of YSL worked as the Head Designer of the Dior fashion house before starting his own brand. By that time, he was already known as one of the most influential clothing designers in Paris. As a result, he made some prominent changes to the fashion style in the 1960s and 1970s, for example, popularizing trousers for women. Later, Yves Saint Laurent started to open boutiques in the country offering ready-to-wear goods (clothes, accessories, fragrances, etc). This was an attempt to democratize fashion and make it more affordable for a wider audience. In 2002, due to declining health, the designer had to close the couture house of YSL. In 2013, 5 years after the death of the legendary designer, the spokesman of the fashion house announced that the brand is “taking its principles and ideals into a new era”.

Style: LV is known as a trendsetter. Each new collection automatically becomes an instant hit and is swept off the shelves. The fashion house remains faithful to its past and customs, that’s why we can describe its style as posh, luxurious, timeless.

Style: Reflecting on his career, Yves Saint Laurent said that he had created a “contemporary woman’s wardrobe”. The famous designer was constantly revolutionizing the fashion industry with his brave and bold decisions.

Focus on: aura of exclusivity and luxury, chic and time-tested patterns, respect of history and traditions.

Focus on: mixing clothing and art, diversity, equality, revolutionary looks and ideas.


What does the past of these brands tell us about?

  • Louis Vuitton is several generations older than Yves Saint Laurent. When one brand was only starting, another had already been in its prime for decades.
  • Both fashion houses immediately gained success. Yet Monsieur Saint Laurent was an influential designer who generated brave ideas that changed the way women dress forever, while LV became popular thanks to its high-quality and durable trunks (and later handbags).
  • Lovers of traditions and everlasting elegance should pay attention to Louis Vuitton goods. Purses of this brand have been in style for many years and are still considered to be trendy.
  • Fans of radical but artistic and aesthetic fashion ideas (that might become stylish only several years after) can look through the collections of YSL.

In the meantime, let’s find out which goods each of the French brands offer.



Louis Vuitton vs Yves Saint Laurent: Range of Items

Louis Vuitton vs Yves Saint Laurent: Range of Items

As we already see from the history of these two fashion houses, they were hardly ever rivals once they started. Louis Vuitton was majoring in trunks and bags, while YSL focused on clothing. However, as the time passed, the range of goods have increasingly expanded.

Let’s see what you can buy from each of these labels now!

Louis Vuitton

Saint Laurent

The categories of goods (in the order of importance):



Small leather goods

Accessories (sunglasses, scarves, belts, phone cases and gloves)

Luggage bags

Ready-to-wear (including swimwear)



Toys and furniture (including house decor)

Fragrances and candles

The categories of goods (in the order of importance):


Ready-to-wear (including lingerie and outerwear)


Handbags (including mini bags and belt bags)

Small leather goods

Accessories (including gloves, hats and scarves)

Jewelry (including earrings, bracelets and rings)

Fragrances and cosmetics

Major specialization: everyone in the world knows about LV bags, so it goes without saying that the main attention of the public (and the majority of sales) is drawn to purses. Some of them have already become iconic.

Major specialization: the main aim of the fashion house is to create a contemporary look for each fashionista. That’s why the main focus of the brand is on clothes (yet you still can find beautiful bags to buy; they just wouldn’t be as popular and famous as LV).


What can we say after a thorough review of the goods that brands are to offer?  Which fashion house has a better range, which brand is better: Louis Vuitton vs YSL?

  • Despite offering a big range of goods, each label has its primary focus on different things. LV is known for its legendary bags, while YSL is more about clothing.
  • Some Louis Vuitton purses are sought-after and highly coveted, yet unavailable to find. You can’t say the same about YSL accessories.
  • When it comes to investment, goods of both brands can be sold as pre-loved. However, nothing can be compared to investing in LV bags. Sadly, YSL purses haven’t reached the same cult status.

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And while you’re thinking about what to spend your money on, let’s look at the cost of the Louis Vuitton and YSL items!



Louis Vuitton vs Yves Saint Laurent: Prices

Louis Vuitton vs Yves Saint Laurent: Prices

It is great to compare ideology and range of goods, but sometimes, the price tag can help you make the final decision. We have studied the official websites of both brands and picked similar items that we could compare! Now, let’s find out which fashion house offers more affordable items!


Name of item

Official LV price, USD*

Official YSL price, USD*

Tote (canvas)

From 1,460


Tote (leather)


From 1,090

Cross-body bag (leather)



Small folding wallet (leather)


From 445

Belt bag (leather)


From 890


From 745

From 420

Jacquard pullover



Belt (leather)

From 485

From 375


From 640 (wool+ silk)

From 495 (silk + wool jacquard)


From 815

From 475

Little black dress (sleeveless)


From 1,790


*the prices are taken from the official websites of the brands in May 2021

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What do we see here? In terms of prices, which brand is better: Louis Vuitton vs YSL? Let’s see!

  • The price tag for Louis Vuitton goods is higher, and it doesn’t depend on the type of product.
  • YSL is more affordable for a wider audience.
  • When it comes to choosing bags, even a lower cost can’t put fashionistas off from legendary Louis Vuitton accessories.
  • If you’re looking for everlasting classics and durability, choose LV. Especially, if it’s your first designer bag. When planning to get another piece into your collection, you can turn your attention to YSL (if you already have LV).

If you want to learn more about Saint Laurent vs Louis Vuitton battle, be sure to check our YSL Medium College Bag vs LV Pochette Metis: A Thorough Comparison.

Despite the high cost of luxury goods, there’s still a chance to buy them cheaper than offered on the official websites. When shopping pre-owned, you save your money and join the ranks of conscious living! Be sure to check our stock, we have beautiful and elegant models affordable for everyone!



Louis Vuitton vs Yves Saint Laurent: Style

Louis Vuitton vs Yves Saint Laurent: Style

While choosing to spend several hundred dollars on a bag or another luxury item, it’s important to make sure that it matches your style and outfits. We’ve studied the ad campaigns of both brands to give you a chance to decide which brand is better: Louis Vuitton vs YSL.


Louis Vuitton

Saint Laurent

Style: official, chic, classical, posh.

Style: elegant, courageous, striking, sensual.

Most interesting ad campaigns: the fashion house never loses an opportunity to show its true elegance and royal status. Louis Vuitton spends lots of money to sign contracts with A-class celebrities and rent the most luxurious venues.

Recently, LV partnered up with tremendously popular K-Pop band BTS and supermodel Kaia Gerber (Cindy Crawford’s daughter).

The same picky attitude is seen when choosing the venues for photoshoots. In 2019, the Spring Campaign was photographed against the backdrop of the legendary Le Bristol Hotel in the French capital. All campaigns of the fashion house look like episodes of high-class society life. For example, recently, Emma Stone was promoting a new fragrance, gliding across the azure sea surface in Capri, Italy on a yacht. That’s how the brand shows its status and values.

Most interesting ad campaigns: the brand is famous for its controversial promotions, sometimes bordering on over-adventurous and experimental ideas. In the history of fashion, the company will forever be remembered for its scandalous and provocative performances. Yet we have to admit that they are all artistic and mesmerizing!


Starting with a provocative campaign where the founder and designer himself was posing in his “birthday suit” (which in 1971 caused a true shock) and up to the present days throughout the entire history of the fashion house. In 2000, another ad campaign featuring model Sophie Dahl made the headlines. Thus, the brand was trying to show the liberation of women and free spirit.


One of the recent campaigns (Winter 2020) is also a tribute to sensuality and sexuality, and that’s the spirit of the brand!

Recent ambassadors: Alicia Vikander, Emma Stone, BTS, Michelle Williams, Kris Wu, Xavier Dolan, Kaia Gerber.

Recent ambassadors: Kate Moss, Courtney Love, Cara Delevingne, Zoë Kravitz, Rosé (Korean pop-star), Dua Lipa, Naomi Campbell.


What can we say after reviewing such different approaches to promotion?

  • Louis Vuitton is all about classics. It implies modest chic, elegance, and dignity.
  • Yves Saint Laurent prefers a bolder approach. The fashion house is looking for ways to express people’s sensuality and celebrate the freedom of spirit and body.
  • Both brands represent two sides of a true French personality – noble nature and adventurous lifestyle. What is more suitable for you? Luxury brands give you a chance to decide.



Louis Vuitton vs Yves Saint Laurent: Social Media

Louis Vuitton vs Yves Saint Laurent: Social Media

Now, it’s time to see how each of the companies interacts with the audience and promotes its goods via different platforms on the Internet. We’ve checked the number of followers on two popular social media websites!*

Louis Vuitton
Saint Laurent

Instagram: 44.1m followers

Twitter: 8m followers

Instagram: 8.9m followers

Twitter: 4.1m followers


*data has been gathered in May 2021


What do these numbers tell us?

  • On both platforms, LV has a way bigger audience than YSL.
  • Each French brand makes regular updates and posts with news and promotions.

Of course, these statistics are important; however, it’s a secondary factor that defines which brand is better: Louis Vuitton vs YSL. Some fashion lovers simply don’t have an Instagram account at all to follow their favorite brand, some don’t like to subscribe to anyone but their actual friends.



Louis Vuitton vs Yves Saint Laurent: Celebrities

Which Brand Is Better: Louis Vuitton vs Yves Saint Laurent

A-class celebrities never lose an opportunity to spend their money on expensive clothes and high-quality accessories. Moreover, they give example to the public and show what brands are in trend and style! Apart from the Kardashian-Jenner family who seems to love every luxury fashion house, let’s look at the fans of both labels!

Louis Vuitton

Saint Laurent


Bradley Cooper

Selena Gomez

Julianne Moore

Lily Collins


Lenny Kravitz

Justin Bieber

Lucy Hale

Miranda Kerr

Jessica Chastain

Amber Heard




Louis Vuitton vs Yves Saint Laurent: Where To Buy

Louis Vuitton vs Yves Saint Laurent: Where To Buy

If you have already made up your mind about the brand you’d like to add to your collection, here are all the possible ways to get the coveted piece! 

Louis Vuitton

Saint Laurent

Online on the official website

In the boutiques

Pre-loved in our shop

Online on the official website

In the shops of your city


Pre-loved in consignment stores


There are lots to add here!

  • Louis Vuitton is known for its ‘no sales’ policy. It means that you won’t be able to find a brand-new unused item with a discount (or any seasonal price reduction at all).
  • Despite its status of a luxury fashion house, Saint Laurent goods can be found in outlets. That’s a great chance to get a chic accessory or clothes without paying the full price.
  • Both brands are a magnet for a fashionable hunt, so you can purchase them pre-loved in mint condition.

Just be careful, when buying a second-hand accessory, especially bags, directly from the owner and not via a special consignment shop, like ours. You might waste hundreds of dollars for a fake! Looking for a pre-loved YSL bag, learn How To Read a YSL Serial Number before.

Counterfeit goods might seem authentic. We’ve discussed it multiple times on You can see the real (and scary!) pictures of cheap fakes in our guides like Louis Vuitton Croisette Bag Review and Real vs Fake Comparison or read on about Fake Louis Vuitton Neverfull vs Real: Important Details You Should Definitely Pay Attention To.

That’s why when dealing with the second-hand market, we advise ordering a professional authentication. It would save you lots of nerves and even more money!

If you need to authenticate a Louis Vuitton/Dior/Gucci item, please order one of the three types of authentication:

Verbal Authentication $10

  • good when you need a certificate for any reason,

Certificate of Authenticity $25

  • good when you need a certificate for any reason, either to sell the bag with the peace of mind or to return a fake bag to the seller if you purchased a fake
  • includes a permanent certificate on

Certificate of Authenticity with a thorough explanation $50

  • good when you need a certificate and you need to know why the bag is authentic/not authentic for any reason, either to sell the bag with the peace of mind or return a fake bag to the seller if you purchased a fake.
  • includes a permanent certificate on
  • includes an explanation of why the item is fake (detailed pictures and comparisons with an authentic bag, more than 10 pics included)



Conclusion: Which Brand Is Better: Louis Vuitton vs Yves Saint Laurent

Which Brand Is Better: Louis Vuitton vs Yves Saint Laurent

Hopefully, this comparison helped to find out more about each of the famous French brands and make a decision about your next purchase! In conclusion, we just want to sum up all the information and describe the ideal customer of each fashion house.

Louis Vuitton is for people with great taste, a love for classical outfits, and elegant looks. Wearing any item with iconic print tells a lot about the person and his or her mindset. Craving for timeless and eternal chic, want to belong to A-class society? Add Louis Vuitton to your collection!

Yves Saint Laurent is for people who aren’t afraid to make a statement, who are ready to stand out from the crowd and surprise the world and society with modern (yet sometimes controversial and rebellious) looks! Nevertheless, YSL can add Parisian vibes to any attire.

Despite their differences, both fashion houses represent unique and true French style as it is: they are just two sides of the same coin. The final choice which brand is better: Louis Vuitton vs YSL depends on your preferences and current mood. After all, you can be both an adventurous by nature and an aristocratic soul! What team are you in?

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