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How Much Is Chanel? Chanel Global Price Guide

How Much Is Chanel? Chanel Global Price Guide

Chanel bags are not just an accessory, they have long been a symbol of style and elegance. However, you won’t see these purses everywhere in the streets! Why? Because there’s a certain reason that prevents millions of people from sweeping them off the shelves: a hefty price tag. Before you waltz into the boutique of the luxury fashion house, it’s better to find the answer to the question: how much is Chanel in 2022? In this Chanel Price Guide we will unveil the cost of the most popular purses and other accessories.

We have studied the cost of the most iconic models, found the cheapest and the most expensive bags, and prepared some recommendations for those who can’t afford to buy Chanel for the full price!

Let’s start our virtual journey between the shelves of a Chanel’s boutique!


How Much Are Popular Chanel Purses?

How Much Is Chanel? Chanel Price Guide  How Much Are Popular Chanel Purses?


Traditionally, we begin our discussion with the most coveted items! When choosing between classical Chanel silhouettes, fashion lovers usually hesitate between the following models:

  • Chanel Classic Flap;
  • Chanel Boy;
  • Chanel 2.55.

In addition, we'll review prices for the following Chanel handbags:

  • Chanel Shopping tote
  • Chanel WOC
  • Chanel 19


These are the legendary models that each fashionista would love to get for the collection. If you want to learn more about their history, be sure to check our guide on Which Chanel Bag to Buy If You Want Classics: Top 3 Most Iconic Chanel Bags.

Meanwhile, we focus on their price tags. It’s impossible to indicate the average cost of Chanel bags due to several reasons:

  1. Each model is represented in various sizes (as a result, prices differ).
  2. Every silhouette has unique features (leather, hardware, etc).
  3. The cost of luxury items increases annually.
  4. You can always buy a Chanel purse for less price than offered on the official website (stay with us until the end to find out how!).

Without any further ado, let’s begin!


How Much Is Chanel Classic Flap? 

How Much Is Chanel? Chanel Price Guide how much is chanel classic flap

The first model we want to talk about in our Chanel Price Guide is the chic and timeless Chanel Classic Flap. Created by talented Karl Lagerfeld in the 1980s, the bag became an immediate hit. The era of the signature CC-lock introduced by the designer started when this silhouette appeared. 

Manufactured in numerous materials, like grained calfskin, soft lambskin, tweed, and iridescent calfskin (you can read about the materials available in our Ultimate Chanel Leather and Material Guide: Which Chanel Leather Is Better?), this bag is one of the most expensive goods of the fashion house. The prices differ, depending on the size, the material of the purse, and even on the color. The cheapest option is a mini flap made from tweed and has an official price of $4,200 (excluding state taxes) in the US. 

How much is Chanel Classic Flap made from leather? See our table below to find out!


Classic Flap US vs EU Price Comparison


Size in inches / cm




Mini Flap

 4.7 × 7.8 × 2.3


$4,200 - $4,400

4 150 € - 4 350 €


5.7 × 9 × 2.3 inches

14.5 × 23 × 6 cm



8 450 €


6 × 9.9 × 2.5



8 990 €


7.6 × 11.7 × 3.9 inches

19.5 × 30 × 10 cm

Grained Calfskin


9 700 €


9 × 12.9 × 3.9 inches

23 × 33 × 10 cm

Grained Calfskin


10 300 €

* the data was gathered from the official website on October 2022. All prices exclude state taxes.

For a full list of Chanel Classic Flap US prices, please visit Chanel Classic Flap US Price list.


How Much Is Chanel Boy?

How Much Is Chanel? Chanel Price Guide how much is chanel boy

The next object of our attention is another iconic model - Chanel Boy. It’s one of the latest additions to the family, yet it instantly joined the ranks of classic accessories. This silhouette is another creation of Karl Lagerfeld who wanted to emphasize the boyish nature and character of Mademoiselle Chanel. The bag itself got its name after the nickname of English polo player Arthur Capel who was the inspiration and a lover of Coco.

The price tag of this purse starts from $5,400 for a small model made of velvet. However, the leather models are even more expensive. You can see the full range of sizes and prices in the table below.


Chanel Boy Price Comparison US vs EU


Size in inches


Price in USD*





4.7 × 8 × 3.3



5 450 €


5.9 × 9.8 × 3.5



5 900 €


6.8 × 10.9 × 2.9



6 200 €

* the data was gathered from the official website on October 2022. All prices exclude state taxes.

Is Chanel Boy Cheaper in Europe?

In the fall of 2022, the exchange rate of EUR and USD are almost identical, thus, the prices for Chanel Boy in the United States and Europe are also very close. However, remember that when buying Chanel in the US you'll have to pay sales tax so in total the price will be 5-10% more expensive, meanwhile when buying in Europe, you can get a VAT refund of about 10%.



How Much Is Chanel 2.55?

How Much Is Chanel? Chanel Price Guide how much is chanel 2.55

This bag has changed the history of women’s accessories forever. Created in 1955 by Coco Chanel herself, this model made a revolution in the world of fashion. The designer added a chain to the standard flap bag to free the hands of women from carrying the accessories. Since that time, Chanel 2.55 has become the icon of fashion and one of the most coveted items on the planet.

As you might guess, the cost of this purse is quite hefty. The cheapest mini 2.55 made of signature aged calfskin tweed is priced at $4,400.

Chanel 2.55 Price Comparison Table: US vs EU


Size in inches


Price in USD*

Mini  6 × 7.8 × 2.3

Aged Calfskin


4 350 €


6.2 × 9.4 × 2.9

Aged Calfskin


8 990 €


7.6 × 10.9 × 2.9

Aged Calfskin


9 700 €


7.8 × 12.3 × 3.9

Aged Calfskin


10 300 €

* the data was gathered from the official website on October 2022. All prices exclude state taxes (US) and include VAT (EU).



How Much Is Chanel Shopping Tote?

How Much Is Chanel? Chanel Price Guide how much is chanel shopping tote

Now, let’s take a little pause after such breathtaking prices for shoulder bags and turn our attention to the universal purse each woman surely has – a tote bag. Such a model is an irreplaceable accessory for modern fashionistas because sometimes we simply need to carry plenty of belongings with us! Why not do it in a stylish and chic way?

Chanel has a vast collection of tote bags, although almost all of them are available now only as pre-loved. On the official website of the fashion house, there’s one item only – foldable tote bag for $1,975. Seems a pretty hefty price tag for a printed fabric? Well, don’t rush to make conclusions! This bag comes with a tiny classic flap purse made of grained calfskin to store your tote bag.

Even if such an addition doesn’t make you want to spend almost $2,000 for a Chanel purse, pay attention to the second-hand luxury market. For example, we have an adorable and eye-catching Chanel Blue Knaki Nylon Tote bag in stock.


Name Size in inches Material Price in USD Price in EUR
Small Shopping Bag 8.6 × 15.2 × 5.1 in Fibers $3,700 3 700 €
Large Shopping Bag 11.7 × 19.5 × 8.6 in Calfskin $6,900 7 000 €
Maxi Shopping Bag 12.5 × 21.4 × 8.2 in  Denim $4,200 4 200 €



How Much Is Chanel WOC?

How Much Is Chanel? Chanel Price Guide how much is chanel woc

For lovers of lightweight and small accessories, the fashion house has introduced a chic blend of a clutch and a wallet that can be carried on the shoulder. It’s called Chanel WOC (wallet on chain). It’s a perfect addition to any outfit if you need to carry only essentials with you.

How much is Chanel wallet-like purse? Is it as inexpensive as small leather goods? Well, don’t rush to the boutique in search of this little cutie, because you would have to pay $2,650 for this posh accessory in lambskin.

A cheaper version is Chanel Boy WOC made of velvet. For this lovely accessory, you’ll have to pay “only” $2,100.

Moreover, despite its tiny size (WOCs dimensions are only 4.8 × 7.5 × 1.4 inches), the soft and capricious velvet and lambskin require attention and care. Once the damage to the delicate material is done, it’s hard to remove a stain or a scratch. However, check 4 Ways to Minimize The Scratches/Stains on Your Lambskin Purse with What You Have At Home. We give several effective recommendations that can save your precious accessory.

If you're interested in Chanel WOC pricing, visit our detailed Chanel WOC global price comparison.

Meanwhile, we are moving further with our Chanel Price Guide.



How Much Is Chanel 19 Bag?

How Much Is Chanel? Chanel Price Guide how much is Chanel 19

This model is often called “the last gift of Karl Lagerfeld” to the fashion world. The model was released in 2019, hence the name, and earned the love of millions across the globe. Despite its rather young age, the purse has quite an expensive price.

If you want to learn more about this model and decide whether you should invest money in this potential new IT-bag of the era, read our guide that will tell If Chanel 19 Worth Buying? Ultimate New Chanel “It” Bag Review. We give a thorough description of this model and compare it with legendary Chanel 2.55.

Now, let’s pay look at the cost of this recent release. The choice is quite vast: there are numerous options and variations (in size, color, and material).


Size in inches


Price in USD*







6.2 × 10.1 × 3.5

Cotton Canvas


5 450 €




7.8 × 11.7 × 3.9



6 000 €


9.8 × 14 × 4.3



6 600 €

* the data was gathered from the official website on October 2022. All prices exclude state taxes.



How Much Is the Cheapest Chanel Bag?

How Much Is Chanel? Chanel Price Guide how much is the cheapest chanel bag

When you make it your goal to buy Chanel purse, there appears one small problem – there are no cheap accessories offered by the fashion house. For example, you still can buy Louis Vuitton Neverfull for a bit more than $1,500 or a Gucci Marmont shoulder bag for $2,350, it’s hard to find the same prices on the Chanel website.

 If you’re searching for the brand-new item, but tight on budget, it’s better to pay attention to smaller sizes and non-leather materials. We’ve scrolled the website multiple times and ready to give the answer: how much is Chanel least expensive purse?

We have three winners in this category.

  1. Mini 2.55 handbag made of Tweed. The official retail price is $3,300.
  2. Chanel Boy WOC made of Velvet. The official retail price is $2,100.
  3. Chanel Classic belt bag. The official retail price is $1,150 (although, the purse attached to the belt is tiny).

Still not affordable? We recommend checking the stock of consignment stores. Chanel bags are quite popular items on resale market. If you’re afraid to purchase second-hand goods or you have never done it before, read our article Can You Buy A Fake Bag From A Reputable Consignment Store? to be prepared for anything. And of course, don’t forget about independent professional authentication.



How Much Is the Most Expensive Chanel Bag?

How Much Is Chanel? Chanel Price Guide how much is the most expensive chanel bag

Our Chanel Price Guide already proves that the French brand releases one of the most pricey items in the world. However, this is not a limit!

We’ve already posted Top 20 Most Expensive and Exclusive Designer Handbags in the World, and Chanel purse made it to the list. It was sold for  insane $261,000! In your opinion, what could make an accessory so special and high-priced? Rare material? Gold? Diamonds?

Let’s meet Chanel Diamond Forever Classic Bag – a limited edition created by Karl Lagerfeld in 2008. The collection consists of only 13 pieces, which turn each purse into a collector’s item. This bag is made of matte white alligator leather, carries 18K white gold hardware, and the CC-lock features 334 diamonds (3.56 carats total). No need to mention that the entire collection immediately found its new home on the shelves of wealthy collectors.



How Much is a Chanel Scarf?

How Much Is Chanel? Chanel Price Guide how much is chanel scarf

We can’t imagine a true Parisian fashion house without scarves. It’s the main accessory of the entire nation and is worn by every citizen of France. Chanel offers a vast choice of these stylish and high-quality additions to the outfit. Wonder how much is Chanel scarf? No need to guess!

A square scarf with dimensions of 35.1 × 35.1 inches has a retail price of $425 no matter what pattern and color. Each item is made of silk and will be a perfect way to complete a chic look.



How Much Is a Chanel Wallet?

How Much Is Chanel? Chanel Price Guide how much is chanel wallet

Apart from wallets on chain that look like a mini bag, there’s a large variety of small leather goods offered by the French brand. Each wallet resembles one of the classic silhouettes (Flap, Boy, 19) and exists in two versions: long and short.

If you’re not ready to spend several thousand dollars on a purse, maybe you can start with purchasing a wallet that looks like your favorite model! It might be a great visualization for the future and an opportunity to join the Chanel club without a big investment.

Here are the current prices for small leather goods.



Price in USD*








From 950





Small Flap









Zipped wallet


From 825

Zipped coin purse



* the data was gathered from the official website on May 2021. All prices exclude state taxes.



How Much Is a Chanel Backpack?

How Much Is Chanel? Chanel Price Guide how much is chanel backpack

It’s not a secret the flap bags are the specialty of the French luxury brand. However, apart from different types of shoulder bags and wallets on chains, there’s a possibility to buy a cute backpack in the same style.

Why is this item worth to be in the collection? First, backpacks are trendy again. Second, this wonderful accessory has all the signature features of the famous fashion house: leather straps intertwined with chain, interlocking CC-logo, and high-quality leather. However, the cost of such an item crafted from aged calfskin is $3,600 (for a small size) or $4,100 (for a big backpack).

If you find Chanel backpack not fitting your style, be sure to check Top 10 Designer Backpacks for Urban Commuters.



How Much Is a Chanel Belt?

How Much Is Chanel? Chanel Price Guide how much is a chanel belt

High-quality belts with a buckle in the form of the fashion house logo is a fashionable statement by itself and a great purchase (as a gift for yourself or a loved one). Like many other luxury brands, Chanel offers a wide range of belts, both leather and metal.

 Chanel belts are manufactured from numerous types of leather: goatskin, lambskin and calfskin. The cost of such an accessory depends on the material. If you want a leather belt with a buckle, the prices start from $800. Other models (with intertwining chains or made of metal fully) are more expensive.



What is the Cheapest Chanel Item You Can Buy?

How Much Is Chanel? Chanel Price Guide the chepease chanel bandeau

If you don’t belong to the ranks of celebrities like Victoria Beckham or Kendall Jenner and can’t spend several thousand dollars on a chic bag, that doesn’t mean that the door of Chanel boutique is closed for you! Yes, this French brand is famous for its incredibly insane price tags, however, even an ordinary person (with an average salary) can find something affordable on the website of the favorite brand!

First, we’d like to recommend you making a decision: what do you want? Is it just any item with the Chanel logo on it that would warm your heart? Or are you dreaming about a purse?

If the desire to own an elegant and classical purse is strong, we recommend learning How to Save For Your First Luxury Bag? A Step-by-Step Guide to Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermes. You’ll be surprised to find out that it’s actually possible to get the coveted item within one year!

For those who don’t fall asleep thinking about a purse and just want to get any good with the six letters or the logo on it, we recommend to pay attention to accessories. For example, a cute slim bandeau from silk with the official retail price of $225 might be a perfect addition to your outfit. You can use it as a summer scarf, a hairband, or decorate your purse with it. By the way, read our article on How To Dress Up You Bag: The Best Designer Bag Accessories to get a few ideas and inspiration!


How Often Does Chanel Increase Prices?

How Much Is Chanel? Chanel Price Guide chanel boutique

At the end of our Chanel Price Guide, we want to say a couple of words about the most heart-breaking fact in the history of fashion. Yes, it’s all about prices rising again!

As you might know, it’s an annual tradition for every luxury brand. At the beginning of each new year, the official representatives of the brands introduce price hikes. You can compare the cost of the iconic purses throughout the years in our articles:

There’s no need to be a prophet to expect another article on our website at the end of this year. Like millions of people across the globe, you might ask yourself a question: why does Chanel increase prices? Well, the answer is simple. Let’s make it clear.


  1. In order to keep the high-quality of goods, because the manufacturing process is getting more and more expensive each year.
  2. To keep the exclusivity and retain the prestige of the brand.
  3. To prevent their goods from being easily accessible.
  4. To compensate for the damages after the global pandemic.

As we know, every business was hit by the virus, we’ve already discussed the losses and impact of the crisis with examples and financial statistics in our recent article - How COVID-19 Affected the Luxury Market. In the light of such terrible events, will Chanel increase price again in 2021? Well, rumors keep going. However, there’s no official statement issued by the fashion house to comment on them. We are about to see.

Despite the cost of luxury items jumping up, there’s still an opportunity to buy a coveted purse for a decent price. Pay attention to the second-hand luxury market, which is full of goods in pristine conditions! Don’t forget to authenticate each item before paying. You can do it yourself with the help of our guide Top 10 Steps to Authenticate Any Chanel Bag or order a professional authentication for the price of a cup of coffee with dessert!



 Conclusion: How Much Is Chanel? Chanel Price Guide

We hope that we could answer your question about the cost of Chanel purses and helped you make a decision of treating yourself to a luxury gift this year!

Nevertheless, when walking past the boutique next time, you won’t be wondering how much is Chanel? Because you already know! And we are sure that you’ll step inside this place of Parisian chic once and give yourself a wonderful gift that will serve you a lifetime! Have you found a suitable item or got an idea for a present, while reading our Chanel Price Guide? What is going to be your next purchase?

Or maybe you are thinking of buying a new Chanel purse in order to resell it afterwards? Or you are even more ambitious and considering to become a luxury handbag reseller? Here are some tips for you!

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