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dior book tote vs louis vuitton onethego

What is the Best Designer Tote Bag: Dior Book Tote vs Louis Vuitton Onthego

Practical and spacious, tote bags are ideal for everyday use. Sometimes, it feels that we carry the whole world in them! When going to work or college, shopping or running errands, traveling or walking around – tote bags are the best choice, as they can fit everything and even more. Thanks to fashion houses, these models stopped being a bulky accessory and turned into a stylish addition to an outfit of present-day fashionistas. As huge lovers of different purses, we ask ourselves a question – what is the best designer tote bag: Dior Book Tote vs Louis Vuitton Onthego?

Both silhouettes seem quite alike, but we know that nothing is that simple in the world of fashion. Today, we are making a thorough comparison of these similar carryalls to help you make the right choice!



Dior Book Tote vs Louis Vuitton Onthego: History

What is the Best Designer Tote Bag: Dior Book Tote vs Louis Vuitton Onthego model shots

These purses are recent releases and don’t have the fame of legendary Lady Dior or Louis Vuitton Speedy. However, they quickly became fans’ favorites for their functionality and stunning design.

Let’s find out how the tote mania started!



History of Dior Book Tote

It’s hard to believe that Dior Book Tote was introduced only 3 years ago. When you see the photos of celebrities, influencers carrying this model on Instagram or Pinterest, you somehow start to believe that this is some kind of iconic bag. Still, in fact, the accessory was first introduced as a part of the Dior Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

If you think it’s the end of the story, we have way more to add. Even though Dior Book Tote was introduced by Italian designer Maria Grazia Chiuri, the inspiration for this silhouette goes back to the middle of the 20th century when Marc Bohan was working for the fashion house. His drawing that dates back to 1967 gave the idea for a comfortable and chic bag we are happy to see now.

Nowadays, the fashion house keeps adding this model in different sizes, fabrics, and color variations to the collection. Needless to say, that each release becomes an object for a fashionable hunt among bag lovers.



History of Louis Vuitton Onthego


Another favorite of celebrities is Louis Vuitton Onthego. As the name suggests, this bag was created for active people who want to just grab the nearest purse from the shelf and put all the necessary belongings inside.

It might come as a surprise that Louis Vuitton Onthego was released only in 2019! However, it immediately became a hot sale, and the purse is swept off the shelves whenever it gets restocked. Initially introduced in one size, which turned out to be very large, this model now exists in several sizes, a vast range of materials, and even more colors!

Since its release, Louis Vuitton Onthego has been included in the limited collections of the brand. So if you are craving to add a new piece to your collection of rare luxury purses, this might be the right call. However, if you’re just a beginner in the world of fashion and want to get something more classic and iconic, check our list of Top 10 Large Classic Louis Vuitton Totes That You Might Have Missed.



Dior Book Tote vs Louis Vuitton Onthego: Distinctive Features

What is the Best Designer Tote Bag: Dior Book Tote vs Louis Vuitton Onthego distinctive features

Now, it’s time to compare these designer bags side by side! At first sight, it might seem that they look alike – big and spacious. Yet, a closer inspection can tell you more about the differences and distinctive features of each model!

Traditionally, let’s begin with Dior Book Tote:

  •       structured, boxy look
  •       flat sturdy bottom
  •       two rigid top handles attached to the bag
  •       one compartment
  •       no pockets
  •       no top closure
  •       no interior lining


Now, let’s examine Louis Vuitton Onthego:

  • structured, boxy look
  • flat sturdy bottom
  • two flexible top handles (attached to metal rings)
  • two shoulder straps
  • one compartment
  • a zip pocket inside, a double flat pocket
  • hook closure in the middle
  • microfiber interior lining

As you can see, there are some remarkable differences that might play a crucial role when choosing the tote bag. For some people, they answer the question what is the best designer tote bag: Dior Book Tote vs Louis Vuitton On the Go immediately.

Let’s sum it up:

  1. Both carryalls are quite roomy and structured.
  2. Louis Vuitton Onthego has more options for carrying thanks to long shoulder straps.
  3. Dior Book Tote is more practical for fashionistas that need to easily access their belongings, as it doesn’t have any closure.
  4. On the other hand, hook closure in Louis Vuitton Onthego allows securing the stuff you carry.



Dior Book Tote vs Louis Vuitton Onthego: Materials Available


As we’ve already mentioned above, these recent releases of the brands are manufactured in multiple materials and fabrics. Because of their high popularity and stunning design, the demand for these tote bags doesn’t fade.

If you want to get a beautiful Dior Book Tote in your collection, you can find it in the following materials:

What is the Best Designer Tote Bag: Dior Book Tote vs Louis Vuitton Onthego materials available
  • signature canvas with embroidery
  • embroidered denim
  • smooth calfskin
  • embossed calfskin


If your choice is magnificent Louis Vuitton Onthego, which is similar to Dior Book Tote, it’s possible to get one in the following materials:

What is the Best Designer Tote Bag: Dior Book Tote vs Louis Vuitton Onthego materials available

If it looks like Louis Vuitton offers a wider range of materials, we would want to note that Dior Book Tote exists in a great number of color variations, including gradient leather and different styles of the signature embroidered canvas (stripes, multicolored, flowers, Oblique canvas, etc).



Dior Book Tote vs Louis Vuitton Onthego: Sizes and Prices


Nothing proves that these tote bags belong to the chic accessories team better than their prices. We’ve already discussed Where To Buy Authentic Affordable Designer Handbags Under $700, but it wouldn’t be the case for these two models.


There are two reasons for that:

  1. They have been released recently, so there are not so many of them on the pre-loved market.
  2. They are too popular to be cheap.


Dior Book Tote and Louis Vuitton Onthego are now available in three sizes (with the cost depending on the size and material). In terms of prices, what is the best designer tote bag: Dior Book Tote vs Louis Vuitton On the Go? Let’s find out together!

What is the Best Designer Tote Bag: Dior Book Tote vs Louis Vuitton Onthego size comparison


First, we have visited the Dior official website and examined the variety of items there.


Dimensions (length x height x width)


Price in USD*


Mini Dior Book Tote


9 x 9.5 x 3 inches

Oblique canvas


Embroidered canvas




Small Dior Book Tote



14.5 x 11 x 7 inches

Oblique canvas

From 3,100



Embroidered canvas



From 3,100


Large Dior Book Tote


16.5 x 14 x 7 inches

Oblique canvas


Embroidered canvas

From 3,500


From 3,500

Vertical Tote bag

8 x 10 x 4 inches

Embroidered canvas


* the data was gathered in May 2021


What is the Best Designer Tote Bag: Dior Book Tote vs Louis Vuitton Onthego size comparison

The second stop of our fashion journey for the best designer carryall was the official Louis Vuitton website.



Dimensions (length x height x width)


Price in USD*


Louis Vuitton Onthego PM


9.8 x 7.5 x 4.5 inches

Monogram Empreinte leather


(Bicolor 3,350)



Louis Vuitton Onthego MM



13.8 x 10.6 x 5.5 inches

Monogram canvas


Epi leather


Monogram Empreinte leather

From 3,200

(Bicolor 3,500)

Monogram Raffia




Louis Vuitton Onthego GM



16.1 x 13.4 x 7.5 inches


From 2,860

Monogram canvas


Empreinte leather

From 3,350

Monogram Raffia


* the data was gathered in May 2021



  1. Both models exist in three sizes: small, medium, and large.
  2. The sizes correspond roughly, so there’s no huge difference between them.
  3. If we compare both silhouettes in terms of price (made from the same material and of the same size), Louis Vuitton Onthego is slightly cheaper than Dior Book Tote.
  4. The high price for Dior BookTtote made of embroidered canvas can be easily explained: each bag looks like a piece of art, as it’s crafted by fine craftsmen.

If official prices still look horrible and high, be sure to check our stock. We, at Bagaholic, have plenty of stunning designer bags with an affordable price tag!



Dior Book Tote vs Louis Vuitton Onthego: Pros and Cons

What is the Best Designer Tote Bag: Dior Book Tote vs Louis Vuitton Onthego model shots

When it comes to making the final decision and actually visiting the boutique or ordering the coveted purse online, it’s essential to weigh ll pros and cons. Usually, we purchase a designer handbag with the idea that it would serve us for several decades and would always be in style. If you don’t want to end up selling your luxury accessory 3 months later (and thus, losing money), consider these pros and cons!

Let’s start with Dior Book Tote!

Dior Book Tote pros:

  • a very structured purse that doesn’t lose its shape
  • it’s large and can fit a lot
  • beautiful patterns
  • supreme craftsmanship
  • some models can be personalized with your name on the back
  • perfect for daily use and traveling
  • vast choice of colors and patterns
  • open top, so access is easy


Dior Book Tote cons:

  • the bag is too heavy when you put many items inside
  • difficult to carry on the shoulder
  • only top handles
  • no lining or pockets inside
  • too expensive for a canvas bag
  • might be hard to match with outfits


Let’s see if Louis Vuitton Onthego is any better!


Louis Vuitton Onthego pros:

  • a roomy accessory with pockets
  • sophisticated patterns and color palette
  • long shoulder straps for carrying on the shoulder
  • impeccable quality and durability of materials
  • interior pockets
  • some models have a charm coming with a bag
  • perfect bag for office and daily use
  • belongings can be secured with the hook closure
  • Louis Vuitton has a great resale value


Louis Vuitton Onthego cons:

  • thick canvas, so the empty bag is heavy by itself
  • looks bulkier than the Neverfull model
  • though there is an interior lining, you will need an organizer
  • the cost of the bag is more expensive than the iconic models of the brand (despite the almost non-significant difference in size)

We, at Bagaholic, can’t imagine a worse feeling than getting a luxury handbag that you don’t like and need to resell at once. So think twice before choosing the proper carryall for your office and daily errands. If you are not a fan of new releases and want to get a time-tested accessory, check Top 10 Designer Work Bags: Where Luxury Meets Comfort to find a suitable item!



Dior Book Tote vs Louis Vuitton Onthego: Wear and Tear

What is the Best Designer Tote Bag: Dior Book Tote vs Louis Vuitton Onthego wear and tear

The main question that worries fashion lovers that are planning to get a tote bag for daily use is the possible wear and tear. Is the material actually durable? Will it be a magnet for stains? How long can you carry your precious item before first visible signs of wear and tear?

Traditionally, tote bags are made of durable materials and our two contestants are not an exception. However, you should still be cautious.


Typical Dior Book Tote wear and tear:

  1. Loss of structure if you overstuff your handbag or press it to the body when carrying on the shoulder.
  2. Rubs on corners as no model has feet or postures.
  3. Canvas easily reveals stains, especially on top handles.
  4. Marks, stains, and dirt inside canvas models.
  5. Loose and sticking out threads of embroidered models.
  6. The bottom of the bag will sag under the weight.


What about Louis Vuitton Onthego wear and tear?

  1. Rubs on corners.
  2. Loss of structure because the material is not as thick and rigid as Dior Book Tote.
  3. Crackings on the shoulder strap.
  4. Marks on the interior lining.
  5. Stains from moisture.


However, if you take proper care of your purse, it will stay in pristine condition for many years. We recommend purchasing an organizer to protect the interior from stains and dirt (caused by pens, lipstick, highlighter, etc). Check our Top 5 Best Bag Organizers For Your Designer Bag You Can Buy on Amazon Right Now.

Another important thing to protect from wear and tear is top handles. It’s the part of the purse you are going to constantly touch with your hands that aren’t always as clean as you wish. Consider adding a cute scarf or twilly. Moreover, it will give a chic and more interesting look to your bag. More ideas of the best ways to decorate your handbag can be found in our article – How To Dress Up Your Bag: The Best Designer Bag Accessories.



Dior Book Tote vs Louis Vuitton On the Go: Which Tote Bag Can Fit a Laptop?


What is the Best Designer Tote Bag: Dior Book Tote vs Louis Vuitton Onthego can fit a laptop

When we choose a practical and functional tote bag for office or college, it’s important to find out if it fits your laptop! Luckily for you, brands try to take into account modern women’s needs, that is why they create convenient purses that fit a lot of useful items.

In terms of capacity, what is the best designer tote bag: Dior Book Tote vs Louis Vuitton Onthego? 


Dior Book Tote capacity:

  • Mini size – too tiny to fit any laptop
  • Small size – great for carrying a 13″ laptop, although consider that older devices might be slightly wider
  • Large size – ideal for a big laptop like MacBook Pro 15″


What about LV Onthego?

  • PM – is not a good laptop bag but suitable for a tablet like iPad Mini
  • MM – fits a 13″ laptop like MacBook Air
  • GM – ideal for a large laptop, can easily fit a 15″ device

However, the list of such spacious accessories is way longer. Check our selection of Best Luxury Women’s Laptop Bags That Fit a MacBook Pro 15″.


Which Brand to Buy: Louis Vuitton Or Dior?

Louis Vuitton and Dior are both luxury brands that offer products in the fashion industry.

Louis Vuitton offers everything from luggage to watches and even clothes for men, women, and children. Dior offers only clothes for men, women, and children. Louis Vuitton has been around since 1837 while Dior was founded in 1946. Louis Vuitton is an old fashion brand that has been around since 1837. They have a variety of products including clothing, shoes, handbags, sunglasses/eyewear frames among others that are made with high quality material which makes them expensive but worth it because of how long they last you.

Both brands use high-quality materials produce their products, which include leathers such as calfskin or lambskin for their bags as well as metal pieces such as brass. The gold-plated hardware you see on handbags or belts which is what makes them so beautiful but also expensive. Considering the materials used in making them luxury items, such as precious metals and other luxurious leathers, items from both Louis Vuitton and Dior have become so valuable.


Dior Book Tote vs Louis Vuitton On the Go: Which Tote To Invest In?

Getting a bag that’s actually worth the price can be quite tricky. It’s a fact that real collectors’ pieces cost a lot. However, purchasing a handbag for a moderate price that can be in high demand at the resale market is absolutely possible.

Both Dior Book Tote and LV Onthego are extremely popular models, despite the lack of impressive history and almost no background. They are loved by bloggers, celebrities, and influencers across the globe. Seems like the entire world is crazy about these two silhouettes – from Naomi Campbell to Rihanna.

Which of these models has a better resale value? Let’s try to find out!

On one hand, Louis Vuitton has a great resale value. The prices of the fashion house increase annually, so there’s a high chance to find a new owner for your pre-loved bag. On the other hand, Dior Book Tote, baing so similar to Louis Vuitton Onthego tote, is claimed to be a classic accessory of the brand, so the demand and the desire to get one is growing.

These silhouettes are relatively new but have already won the hearts of thousands of fashion lovers. We think that each of them has a chance to turn into a good investment and become a nice treat for yourself!

Although a tote bag is something most people don’t actually devote their time and attention to, you can stay fashionable even going grocery shopping. Designer purses are a wonderful way to express yourself on a daily basis. Have you already answered the question what is the best designer tote bag: Dior Book Tote vs Louis Vuitton On the Go? Share your opinion in the comments!

Looking for a good investment pieces, you maybe consider becoming a luxury bag reseller, then check out our book for useful tips based on my personal story!


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