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Which Brand Is Better: Chanel vs Hermes

Which Brand Is Better: Chanel vs Hermes

The question of which bag is worth purchasing has been tormenting the minds of people since the early years of fashion. If you are not a member of the Kardashian family, you probably can’t afford to buy seven luxury purses at once – one for each new day of the week. In this article, we are going to find out which brand is better: Chanel vs Hermes.

The idea to compare these two fashion houses came into our minds after Chanel increased prices worldwide at the beginning of July 2021. Now, apparently, the cost of a flap bag equals the price tag of a Kelly or Birkin, and fashion lovers are in doubt about which precious accessory to save up for. You can see the difference in prices and read our thoughts about the possible reasons for that in the recent article -  Chanel Increases Prices Worldwide for the Second Time in July 2021.

Meanwhile, we plan to devote attention to both the practical side of the two brands and understand their philosophy, compare their styles and find out how to get a coveted piece without emptying your credit card.



Chanel vs Hermes: Brand History

Which Brand Is Better: Chanel vs Hermes brand history

It all begins with history. Knowing how each of the fashion houses was established, we will be able to get a better idea of the values of each company. Besides, history is always the core of every luxury brand, which tells us more than a runway show.



Originated in Paris, France


Founded in 1909 (112 years)


Brief history: the history of the House of Chanel is closely tied to the lifestyle and personal experience of its famous founder – Gabrielle Chanel.


The company started as a small shop on the first floor of one businessman, who also happened to be Coco’s lover: and it was a perfect spot for making the first steps into the fashion world. It’s where she met her first rich clients and different celebrities and sportsmen of that time. One of them – Arthur “Boy” Capel – became Coco’s lover, later he helped her with opening her own shop in Paris, then in Biarritz and Deauville (two French cities that are known for their expensive properties and wealthy inhabitants).


Throughout the years, the House of Chanel was both following fashion trends and offering revolutionary ideas. Coco’s main aim was to make women’s clothing convenient to wear, not just beautiful. That’s why the heavy and large dresses of the 19th century were replaced by the modern and stylish Chanel Suit.


In the late 1920s, she partnered up with capitalist Pierre Wertheimer, who sponsored the foundation of the Parfums Chanel company. At this time, Chanel No.5 was introduced and made the enterprise even more successful.


After the war, Gabrielle went to exile in Switzerland. Upon returning to France in 1953, she continued working on new designs. This was the era when the first bag was introduced. Elegant and comfortable Chanel 2.55 with a quilted pattern and a shoulder chain (which women of that time needed so much) is still one of the most coveted and expensive purses in the world.


An undoubted win for the luxury brand was hiring Karl Lagerfeld in 1983. As a new creative director of the company, he added a brand-new chic to the old shapes and silhouettes, relying on the past of the luxury brand. The iconic bags including Chanel Classic 11.12 and Chanel Boy were created by this gifted German designer.


With the death of Karl Lagerfeld at the beginning of 2019, the House of Chanel entered a new era, and the fashion world is waiting for another breakthrough in styles and designs.


Interesting fact: the House of Chanel is one of the very few brands founded by a woman. Considering the position of women in France at the beginning of the 20th century, Coco Chanel actually made something impossible and remarkable.



Style: elegant, convenient, unisex.


Major focus on: handbags, perfume.

Originated in Paris, France


Founded in 1837 (184 years)


Brief history: we all know Hermes for its astronomically expensive handbags, but the truth is that the company was started as a workshop for the noblemen, who were constantly in need of high-quality riding accessories made of leather.


The company functioned successfully, providing wealthy clientele with saddles and bridles. The first bag was manufactured only around the beginning of the 20th century, when the name of the founder Thierry Hermes became a synonym of premium quality for rich people. However, the first bag was not intended for the ladies at all. It was meant for the horse riders, so they could transport their saddles in it.


Eighteen years later, in 1918, the fashion house was honored to produce a jacket for the Prince of Wales, and in two years, clothing and accessories were added to the range of items permanently.


Understanding the needs of the ever-changing society, Hermes started to introduce its first travel bags and handbags in 1922. The products of the company, already known for the impeccable quality, became an international success.


The years 1935 and 1937 defined the fate of the brand. The legendary leather Sac à dépêches (soon to be renamed into Kelly) and square scarves were introduced. Nowadays, the Kelly bag is one of the most coveted purses in the world, which is extremely hard to get for an ordinary person (because of the price and nonavailability). However, rest assured that top-rated celebrities have got lots of them in their closets.


The company continued conquering the international market and expanding its range of items: silk ties, perfume, new silhouettes of handbags. In 1984, another iconic purse made its appearance. The history behind it is really curious: when the CEO of the company had an opportunity to sit next to actress Jane Birkin on the plane, he heard her complaining that she couldn’t find a good medium-sized bag.


Unlike many other luxury brands, Hermes doesn’t create brand-new and revolutionary models in order to attract a new audience and please all types of customers. Traditions are preserved strictly.


Interesting fact: Hermes doesn’t belong to any conglomeration and prefers to stand alone. This is how the luxury brand ensures its exclusivity and independence.


Style: simple, sophisticated, elite.


Major focus on: handbags, scarves (carrés).



  •   Both brands are old and respected not only in their countries but in the world as well. However, Hermes is more than 70 years older than Chanel.
  •   None of these companies started as bags manufacturers, yet their major focus now is on creating luxury purses.
  •   Chanel is one of the very few French luxury companies founded by a woman. If you feel like supporting such a courageous act, go for a Chanel item!
  •   Hermes pays utmost attention to the quality of each bag. If you want to get something that will serve you for decades, be sure to select this brand.
  •   Chanel respects the traditions of the past but looks forward to the future. That is why the bags of this brand are more suitable for young people.
  • Hermes never changes the style of its iconic purses, nor adding new details. If you prefer a more conservative approach, this luxury brand is your choice!



Chanel vs Hermes: Range of Items 

Which Brand Is Better: Chanel vs Hermes items

Now, it’s time to come back to modern times and see what each of the French luxury brands offers to their clients and customers. Despite focusing on the production of handbags, both companies do not limit themselves to crafting elegant purses only.



Range of items (in order of importance):



Small leather goods


Accessories (including twillies, scarves, sunglasses)





Makeup and skincare

Range of items (in order of importance):



Scarves and silk accessories


Small leather goods

Ready-to-wear and shoes

Home accessories (including plates and mugs)

Hats and gloves


Watches and fragrances

Apple watch



  •   The first notable difference is that Chanel doesn’t have a Men’s collection. Although the unisex style of handbags is suitable for everyone, the items of the brand are designed and crafted primarily for women.
  •     If you are not looking for a bag but want to upgrade your style with a cute and smooth scarf, go for Hermes! Their silk items are totally worth the money.
  •     If you want to get a high-quality leather item (bag, belt, or wallet), consider choosing it on the official website of Hermes. The brand has an unshakable reputation for the quality of its materials. You can read about the phenomenon of Hermes leathers in our Ultimate Hermes Leather Guide: What Are Hermes Bags Made Of.
  •     Are you a fan of cruelty-free materials? Chanel has plenty of options for you: tweed, cotton, wool, or velvet. Hermes only has one non-leather bag.
  •     Can’t afford anything big because of the hefty price tag? Yes, that’s the feeling we all know. However, you can find a nice accessory on the Chanel official website to dress up your purse. Twillies and bandeaus are always in trend and can give a completely new look to your old purse. Here are the best tips on How To Dress Up Your Bag: The Best Designer Bag Accessories.
  • Hermes is a great choice if you want beautiful porcelain sets: the cups and plates are just adorable. Chanel doesn’t offer anything for home. 



Chanel vs Hermes: Prices

Which Brand Is Better: Chanel vs Hermes prices

Time has come to learn the cost of luxury! A couple of hundred bucks difference may be nothing for celebrities, but the ordinary customers consider the price tag as well when it comes to choosing a designer item (even if it’s something small like a scarf or a belt).

Can the cost help us decide which brand is better: Chanel vs Hermes? Well, it plays a significant role, as there’s a certain price limit that some fashion lovers are not ready to exceed. Especially, after Chanel increased its prices for the second time this year. Now, the handbags of the two brands joined the ranks of the most expensive accessories in the world.

But less talking, let’s face the facts!

Name of the item

Chanel official price, USD*

Hermes official price, USD*

Flap bag on the chain



Hobo bag







From 425

From 435


From 250

From 180

Signature perfume (1.7 fl.oz)



Small wallet



Leather belt

From 750

From 525


From 1,025

From 800

*prices are taken from the official websites of the brands in July 2021. Current prices may vary


An important thing to mention here is the recent increase in Chanel goods. It literally made the purse forums on the Internet explode with both positive and negative comments.

The rage of the fashion lovers is easy to understand. It’s quite an uncommon practice for the luxury brand to change the price tags in the middle of the year. Some of the people who were saving to purchase a Chanel bag as a Xmas gift, for example, were furious! All their effort turned out to have been in vain with one simple announcement of the French brand. If you are still in the race and wish to get a luxury purse for your collection, be sure to check our guide on How To Save For Your First Luxury Bag? A Step-by-Step Guide to Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermes. With the current cost of luxury items, it’s a must-read!

 What was going on on the forums after the big news? Some users advised Chanel to increase the quality of their leather goods instead of the prices. Others were saying that it only proves the exclusivity of the items offered by the brand. The third group was really sad to not have enough time to get a coveted accessory. There were even people claiming they were planning to pay attention to other brands. But mostly, the reaction was not positive. Chanel accessories are getting more and more unavailable for ordinary people and the working class.



  •     As we can see, the cost of the Chanel bags is still not as high as the price tag of the similar items crafted by Hermes. If money matters, choose a Chanel purse.
  •     The silk accessories are cheaper on the Hermes website. Well, we recommend getting one if you have a chance. They are actually a piece of art.
  •     The second Chanel price increase this year took the fashion society by surprise. However, the demand is still enormous. If you are dreaming of a Chanel bag, don’t delay your purchase.


For a detailed review of the prices of both brands, check our thorough articles:

How Much Do Hermes Bags Cost? From the Cheapest to the Most Expensive

How Much Is Chanel? Chanel Price Guide



Chanel vs Hermes: Style

Which Brand Is Better: Chanel vs Hermes style

If you are not a label hunter, who buys something because of the famous name, the style of the designer items should be of high importance for you. Spending several thousand dollars on the bag that doesn’t fit your lifestyle and outfits, and therefore is doomed to rest on the shelf is not a cool option.

Let’s compare the styles of these two companies to find out which brand is better: Chanel vs Hermes. There are actually a lot of things to discuss!




Style: the House of Chanel is still true to the designs and ideas of the legendary founder and timeless fashion icon Coco Chanel. She was able to express her entire nature through the ways she dressed and yet, remained an enigma for many.


The style of the brand is notable for its chic and classical silhouettes. Yet, what we call classics today was a revolution at the beginning of the 20th century. But the brave spirit and rebellious nature of Mademoiselle Coco were stronger than the rules of the era.


The style of the Chanel bags includes chains, a structured and boxy look, black and white colors (the favorites of Coco Chanel), and a quilted pattern. The universal look of some models, like Chanel Boy, makes it a perfect accessory for both men and women.


Moreover, Chanel accessories have a unique feature to be both classic and modern at the same time. A rare brand can boast something like this!


Campaigns: in its advertising, the fashion house prefers to keep it chic but simple. Unlike Louis Vuitton that loves impressive locations and eye-catching scenery, Chanel focuses on the goods rather than a background.


Moreover, the brand is not afraid to reveal the different sides of women. For example, the shooting of the Chanel Fall/Winter 2014 campaign featuring Cara Delevigne was in the actual gym. Some might say it’s not a proper place for sophisticated looks, but Chanel doesn’t care!


The retro vibes of the ad campaigns and artificially aged photos are another sign of seeing one of the Chanel ad campaigns. The top model Claudia Schiffer participated in the stunning photoshoot for the Chanel Spring/Summer 2010 campaign. Again, nothing distracts from watching the details of clothing and accessories.


Black and white photos for the ad campaign? Yes, again, sounds very Chanel! In 2020, the Chanel Fall/Winter campaign  featured monochrome colors.


Ambassadors: Kristen Stewart, Cara Delevigne, Claudia Schiffer, Pharrell Williams, Marion Cotillard, Margot Robbie, Penelope Cruz, Jennie Kim, Nicole Kidman, Keira Knightley, G-Dragon.

Style: the entire team of Hermes is working hard with one aim – to craft the products of the finest quality. Yet, the style is also very important.


Every year, the designers of the brand are given themes to base their work on. In 1999, the annual theme was “Stars and Mythology”, one year later – a symbolic “First Steps into the New Millennium”. The recent themes are “Innovation in the Making” (2020) and “In Pursuit of Dreams” (2019).


The style of clothing and handbags remain very laconic, although colorful and bright. Unlike the black-and-white palette of Chanel, Hermes is not afraid of saturated colors and bold shades. Well, we all know the signature orange box that the brand uses for decades and don’t plan to replace it with anything else.


However, when it comes to style, it can be described as simple and even official. No chains, no prints, no large elements or fringes – yet, the design is well-known among fashion lovers and always in trend.


Campaigns: the ad campaigns of the brand are a mixture of art and surrealism. Photographers choose unusual ideas and poses to create laconic but remarkable works.


The fairy-tale images for the Hermes Spring/Summer 2010 campaign ideally match the slogan “Life as a fairy tale”. Every photo is a story everyone can easily recognize: A Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Snow White.


Hermes likes to fascinate the minds of fashion lovers, so you have to look closely to catch a glimpse of the models and the items: the Hermes Fall/Winter 2016 campaign takes place among the snowy landscapes and the birch trees.


With its strategy to focus on the product, Hermes doesn’t give us a chance to see the models. For example, there are no faces of the models on the photos of the Hermes Spring/Summer 2018 campaign, yet the accessories and clothing are perfectly visible.


However, the honor to offer hands, shoulders, or legs for the annual ad campaigns of this French luxury brand is still very alluring for top-rated models.


Ambassadors: Hermes has a strict policy to place its goods higher than “faces”, that is why it doesn’t have any ambassadors.



  •     Two French brands have completely different styles and positioning: if you prefer bold and neutral silhouettes, Chanel is a great choice for you.
  •     Searching for something elegant and simple-looking? Nothing better than Hermes fits these criteria.
  •     Chanel accessories are the way to be noticed – chains, the quilted pattern will definitely attract attention.
  •     Hermes is for people who adore silent chic. The bags look simple, but the owners know their true value.
  • Hermes purse will tell about your status as it’s a hard-to-get piece. Chanel bag will tell about your great taste.

Speaking of accessibility, it’s still easier to get one of the Chanel classic bags than signature Kelly or Birkin from Hermes. If you want to know more about the three most famous classic models, be sure to check our article -  Which Chanel Bag To Buy First If You Want Classics: Top 3 Most Iconic Chanel Bags. They may seem quite alike, but once you see the difference, it will be clear what purse to choose.

Moreover, don’t mix these silhouettes with “the last gift of Karl Lagerfeld” Chanel 19. Read our guide -  Is Chanel 19 Bag Worth Buying? Ultimate New Chanel “It” Bag Review.



Chanel vs Hermes: Social Media

Which Brand Is Better: Chanel vs Hermes social media

Let’s look at the most important numbers for every brand (apart from sales, of course) – social media followers. In 2021, it’s impossible not to be present online: we all use e-mail and messengers and have at least one social media account to see what’s going on.

For every company, an active account in social media can be a helpful tool to reach new clients, promote the brand, make announcements, and stay in touch with customers

We compared the activity and number of followers of both brands on two most popular platforms. Let the numbers speak!



Instagram: 45.8 m

Instagram: 10.9 m

Twitter: 13.2 m

Twitter: 101.7 k


Well, it seems that the victory here is quite obvious and belongs to Chanel. Does that really mean that the battle of which brand is better: Chanel vs Hermes is over? Not at all! See the explanation below.



  •     Yes, Hermes has way fewer followers on both platforms. However, ask yourself honestly: how many clients of Hermes actually have social media accounts (except for the Jenner-Kardashian family)? Wealthy people are not spending their time scrolling through the feed and dreaming about the bag, they go to the boutique and get it.
  •     Chanel with its contemporary and modern designs is a magnet for the young audience (which we know uses social media more actively than older generations).
  •     Despite the low numbers, Hermes is quite active on its Instagram page. It has an online boutique linked to the official account and even broadcast its recent runway show live.
  • The instagram page of the House of Chanel is a perfect example of the work of a skilled social media manager. Daily activity on the page, guides, reels – you won’t forget about the brand!



Chanel vs Hermes: Celebrities

Which Brand Is Better: Chanel vs Hermes celebrities

There’s no point in denying that A-class actresses (and even actors), top-rated models, celebrities, and singers love premium quality brands and regularly appear carrying a designer bag. Let’s find out their preferences!




Nicki Minaj

Miley Cyrus

Dakota Johnson

Diane Kruger

Zoe Kravitz

Blake Lively

Gwen Stefani

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Lindsay Lohan

Victoria Beckham

Lady Gaga

Sofia Vergara

Emma Watson

Alessandra Ambrosio

Cardi B

Heidi Klum




Chanel vs Hermes: Where To Buy

Which Brand Is Better: Chanel vs Hermes where to buy


You might have already chosen one of the brands that answer your demands in price, quality, style, and philosophy. So, where can you get a coveted item with a famous label on it?



Boutique in your city (there are 128 official stores in North America)

Multi-brand retail stores (only ready-to-wear, shoes and accessories)

Online on the official website

Pre-loved in consignment stores

Official Hermes stores (there are currently 36 in the United States)

Online on the official website (except for iconic Birkin and Kelly bags)

Pre-owned in consignment stores




  •     Here we can notice that Hermes cares about the exclusivity of the brand a lot! The number of official stores of this brand is significantly less than the ones of the House of Chanel.
  •     Online purchase is possible, but it will be quite a limited choice with Hermes. The legendary models, like Birkin or Kelly, are not even listed on the website (and be prepared to learn that they are not available in stores).
  •     Despite the effort of Chanel to reach the level of Hermes exclusivity, the items of this company are still accessible for ordinary people. If you don’t like to go through a tough quest and want to enjoy your luxury purse ASAP, go for Chanel.
  •     If fashion for you is not just placing the bag in the cart and having it delivered, choose Hermes as your luxury treat.
  • When buying pre-owned, ALWAYS rely on the opinion of independent authentication.

Before the conclusion, we would love to mention a few words about pre-owned luxury. It has become extremely popular nowadays, as it allows more people to enjoy high-quality goods without spending several months’ income.

A designer bag for less than $1,000? Yes, it’s possible! Check our stock – we have plenty of handbags and small leather accessories for moderate prices! Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Gucci – choose the best way to award yourself!

We guarantee 100% authentic goods and fast shipping worldwide! However, if buying a luxury purse from the previous owner directly, we recommend ordering authentication. Let the professional with experience decide if an item you found on eBay (or anywhere else) is actually worth paying for!

Why is it necessary? Well, you’ve probably never gotten a fake designer item! Lucky you! We, at Bagaholic, sometimes deal with counterfeits – that is why every item that is coming into our hands is being thoroughly checked. Here’s our article Can You Buy A Fake Bag From A Reputable Consignment Store? which reveals some secrets of the authentication process and tells about the most common mistakes.

If you need to authenticate a Louis Vuitton/Dior/Gucci item, please order one of the three types of authentication:

Verbal Authentication $10

  • good when you need a certificate for any reason,

Certificate of Authenticity $25

  • good when you need a certificate for any reason, either to sell the bag with the peace of mind or to return a fake bag to the seller if you purchased a fake
  • includes a permanent certificate on

Certificate of Authenticity with a thorough explanation $50

  • good when you need a certificate and you need to know why the bag is authentic/not authentic for any reason, either to sell the bag with the peace of mind or return a fake bag to the seller if you purchased a fake.
  • includes a permanent certificate on
  • includes an explanation of why the item is fake (detailed pictures and comparisons with an authentic bag, more than 10 pics included)



In our conclusion, we just want to add one thing about fashion: the cost of luxury is growing rapidly, so if you want to carry a designer bag or an accessory it’s now or never. The prices will be always going up, that is how the modern world works.

Don’t deprive yourself of luxury, especially with a large number of consignment stores! Answer an important question about which brand is betterChanel vs Hermes – for yourself and start pursuing your fashionable dream!

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