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Fendi x Versace Collection: Fendace Handbags

Fendi x Versace Collection: Fendace Handbags

In a world where you have to overcome your competitors to stay on top, two luxury Italian brands did an impossible. Versace and Fendi united their forces and, by working together, served as an example for other brands. Today, we are going to take a closer look at this brilliant and widely discussed collaboration – the Fendi x Versace Collection – and reveal the main features of Fendace handbags. They are so worth your attention!

The collection has already blown the minds of the fashion society and become a historical event. It’s not just a collaboration, it’s an act of friendship and mutual respect. We feel so blessed to live in the era when we can witness such things with our own eyes!

However, let’s cut the small talk and learn more about Fendace!



What is Fendi x Versace Collection?

First, both brands refuse to call it collaboration! The official name of this partnership has got the name “The Swap”.

What actually happened is that two designers of these Italian companies created a small collection for each other. Donatella Versace became a one-time designer for Fendi, and Kim Jones, who took the role of Artistic Director of Fendi’s women collection only in September 2020, showed his vision of Versace motifs.

Yes, that’s right. The Swap was about swapping leading roles. However, there’s more to it than just fun and experiments. This is a story about infinite trust, deep mutual respect, and a true friendship. 

Both designers got unlimited access to the other’s brand archives – to get inspiration and look for ideas. The splendid vibes of the 1990s can be found in both Fendi by Versace and Versace by Fendi collections. It looks like a friendly mash-up. As Donatella Versace stated, “it’s the first time in fashion history when two designers have a creative dialogue”. The result is mind-blowing, to say the least.

Both Fendi and Versace motifs were enriched with a new vision, closely connected to the deep admiration and understanding of the core values of each other. Donatella spiced up the classical Fendi looks with her signature rebellious details, like safety pins. And Kim Jones, in return, paid homage to the iconic creations of Gianni Versace by playing with Greek elements, gold baroque prints, and the Medusa symbol.

In total, the Fendi x Versace collection offered us 50 looks for both men and women – 25 looks from each side and a great number of Fendace handbags to crave for. It was presented during Milan Fashion Week on September 26.

Fendi x Versace Collection: Fendace Handbags

The runway show was split into 2 parts and gathered an excellent cast of supermodels of the present and the past. The show was opened with stunning Kristen McMenamy in Versace by Fendi black dress and closed with Naomi Campbell walking in a sparkling pink dress created by Donatella Versace.

Other runway celebrities participating in this historical show:

  • Kate Moss and her daughter Lila
  • Emily Ratajkowski
  • Shalom Harlow
  • Amber Valetta
  • Imaan Hammam
  • Lily Donaldson
  • Gigi Hadid

Both brands leave us impatient, not revealing the exact date when the new collection will be available in boutiques and online. Approximately, new items will appear in both Fendi and Versace shops in May 2022. Get your wallet ready if you spotted something for yourself!

Fendace Collection is not really the first time the unspoken rules of fashion are broken. Earlier this year, the whole world was obsessed with “Gucciaga” – a partnership of Gucci and Balenciaga. Check our article Gucci Aria Collection: Gucci Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary to see the bag models from this collab.



Fendi x Versace Collection: Handbags

Whenever it’s a new runway show, our eyes are always fixed on bags. Of course, we couldn’t miss such an important release in the history of fashion and an essential part of the Fendi x Versace collection as Fendace handbags.

General overview: despite the relatively small size of the collection, the diversity of bag models, shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors is impressive. Lovers of both minimalist and extravagant styles will find something to warm their hearts with and empty their wallets on. But mostly, the purses look edgy.

Here are the main motifs we have noticed:

  •  cute tiny purses made of sequins;
Fendi x Versace Collection: Fendace Handbags
  •     total black bags with bulky golden chains (Fendi Baguette bag);
Fendi x Versace Collection: Fendace Handbags
  •     shoulder bags with safety pins on the sides;
Fendi x Versace Collection: Fendace Handbags
  •     two-compartment bag with Fendi logos and Versace baroque pattern (Fendi Peekaboo IseeU);
Fendi x Versace Collection: Fendace Handbags
  •     large tote bags with various prints (Fendi Sunshine Shopper bag);
Fendi x Versace Collection: Fendace Handbags
  •     Versace La Medusa with FF-frames on top closure.
Fendi x Versace Collection: Fendace Handbags


Our thoughts? Any purse from this collection can become a great collector’s piece. Even if there will be more mashups between brands, Fendace will forever remain the first.



Fendi x Versace Collection: First Reactions

Fendi x Versace Collection: Fendace Handbags

As soon as The Swap project was announced, it attracted the attention of the fans of both Italian brands. Mostly, the collection got positive reviews. People called it “jaw-dropping”, “fantastic”, demanded immediate release, and confessed that they were “literally obsessed with it”.

Most fashion lovers noticed the vibrant vibes of the late 1990s. Some were relieved, as they hadn’t set many hopes for the successful outcome.

The thing that fans liked the most is that Fendi and Versace blend so well in the designs. Each brand was able to add up to the other but managed to keep its unique looks, signature details, and recognizable patterns at the same time.


Apart from the stunning idea and eye-catching looks, this collaboration delivers an important message for everyone: stepping into each other’s shoes can result in amazing things.

The lesson that the Fendi x Versace collection teaches us is that fashion can be more than constant rivalry and competition. Fendace handbags and outfits are the hallmark of mutual trust and respect. And hopefully, we will see more mashups like this one in the future!

What are your thoughts about this collection? Are you planning to purchase anything when it hits the shelves? Share your opinion in comments!

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