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Wardrobe Essentials: What Purses Should Every Woman Own?

No matter how much we love shopping and bags, sometimes, it’s time to stop purchasing the same models and stocking shelves with things we don’t actually need. A way better approach to sustainability and a huge money savior are so-called closet staples – the items that will match most of your outfits and will never go out of style. Let’s dig into wardrobe essentials and find out: what purses should every woman own?

Wardrobe essentials in clothing and accessories can be called a new trend of the century. With a global love of minimalism and sustainability, it’s not cool to own lots of stuff anymore. A deep understanding of your style and needs and, as a result, a more thoughtful approach to the way you dress is what shapes modern fashion.

Just imagine that you don’t have to buy a 20th bag for your collection but get only 6 instead. Yes, that’s right! For this article, we have gathered 6 must-haves – the most stylish and useful bag shapes. And as it was extremely hard to pick only one luxury bag to illustrate every model, so we’ll give you 3 examples for each silhouette.

Curious to see them? Let’s get started then!



Wardrobe Essentials: Clutch

A clutch is a tiny purse that we normally carry in our hands, under the arm, or on the shoulder (if there’s a long strap or a chain). It was made to carry a few necessities, like keys, phone, ID, credit card or wallet, chewing gum, and lipstick. Clutches are lightweight and practical.

Why is it a closet staple: clutch is mistakenly associated with nightlife. However, it’s not an accessory for party-goers only. For example, Lady Diana Spencer loved this bag model and used it at numerous ceremonies she had to attend. The members of the British Royal family are often seen with a clutch! Why every woman should own it? To match her evening outfit (believe us, even a housewife needs one!) with a fancy and pretty purse! Having one clutch is enough, however, it’s important to choose wisely – the model should be simple but universal and fashionable at all times!

Where to wear: to a party, obviously! However, a clutch will be appropriate if you’re going to any formal event, a movie premiere, an exhibition, on a date, to a restaurant, or a cocktail bar. This purse model was designed to shine with you in the evenings.

Our selection of top 3 luxury clutches from top brands in fashion:

  •     YSL Wallet on Chain
  •     Chanel Wallet on Chain
  •     Bottega Veneta Pouch



Wardrobe Essentials: What Purses Should Every Woman Own? ysl woc

YSL Wallet on Chain is a gorgeous choice for every fashion lover. First, it has a classical look – strict lines, sturdy structure, magnificent envelope-like (triangular) flap. Inside, there is a large compartment split into 2 parts by a zipped pocket. The bag has everything to keep your necessities safe and to add chic vibes to any outfit.

The purse exists in multiple colors – black, beige, metallic gray, powder rose, green, magenta, etc. Compared to other designer clutches, it has a relatively reasonable price: depending on the model, they start from $1,350 for a leather model.

The best thing about this clutch is that it's one of the cheapest YSL bags. Check out our curated selection!



Chanel WOC

Wardrobe Essentials: What Purses Should Every Woman Own? Chanel WOC

Chanel Wallet on Chain is a dreamy clutch. This is a purse that can help you make a statement. Signature quilted exterior, back pocket, zipped pocket on the flap closure – this purse was created to keep little secrets of its owner. Chanel WOC has a structured look and rectangular shape. The leather strap is interwoven with a chain. The color palette is less impressive than YSL shades, - black, metallic golden and metallic silver. The price tag is hefty: $2,950 for a lambskin model.



Bottega Veneta Pouch Clutch

Wardrobe Essentials: What Purses Should Every Woman Own?

Unlike the elegant shapes of YSL and Chanel clutches, this purse looks bulky and more relaxed. It differs a lot from official and structured clutches, that is why it became an instant hit immediately after release. First of all, it’s not a flap bag but a sack with one top closure and one compartment. Secondly, it was introduced in so many interesting colors and looked like a breath of fresh air that the fashion world swept Bottega Veneta Pouch Clutch off the shelves without hesitation. The price for this Italian beauty is quite democratic: from $1,450.

Looking for a stunning designer clutch for your wardrobe? Check our stock! We have Dior Limited Edition Pink Python Leather Clutch for bright and bold fashionistas for less than $1,000! If you’re more into official and formal colors, this LV Monogram Limelight Clutch is perfect for you!



Wardrobe Essentials: Mini Bag 

Mini bags serve as a casual version of a clutch. They also don’t fit too much, just the absolute necessities. Small purses are a growing trend! Probably, it’s related to us being locked up for several months – now, we are ready to leave the house with essentials only.

Why is it a closet staple: mini bags can change even the simplest outfit. A pair of jeans and a shirt will acquire a completely new look with a cute small purse. If the clutch is your evening companion, mini bags are designed to be carried during the day.

Where to wear: anywhere you want to go with your hands free! Mini bags are perfect for occasions when you don’t need to dress up – so carrying a clutch is out of the question. Shopping, running errands, meeting with friends, sightseeing in a new city (free your hands for taking photos!), visiting museums, going to dinner with family or Sunday brunch with friends.

Our selection of top-3 luxury mini bags:

  •     Louis Vuitton Alma BB
  •     Chanel Mini Flap
  •     Hermes Kelly Mini


Louis Vuitton Alma BB

Wardrobe Essentials: What Purses Should Every Woman Own? lv alma bb

Alma BB attracts luxury bag lovers by its unique trapezoid shape and cute look. No need to say that if you want a timeless mini bag, this is a safe choice. Alma BB exists in multiple colors and materials, including the signature canvas of the brand and exotic leathers.

The price of this iconic purse differs depending on the material – the cheapest Alma BB made of canvas costs $1,620. Sounds too much for a mini bag, especially after Louis Vuitton Price Increase in October 2021 (ССЫЛКА)? You can always get it pre-loved. Check our shop – we have LV Noir Epi Electric Alam BB bag in classical black color and LV Black Python Alma BB for lovers of exclusive models!

Want to know more about this cult model before making a luxury purchase? Here is our thorough review -  Louis Vuitton Classics: Louis Vuitton Alma Reference Guide.



Chanel Mini Flap

Wardrobe Essentials: What Purses Should Every Woman Own? chanel mini flap

Although being largely criticized for constant and illogical price increases, the House of Chanel remains one of the leading brands in modern history. Chanel Flap bag is not just an accessory, it is the it-bag of the era. Chanel Mini Flap is the smallest version of the iconic flap bag with all distinctive features and elements.

Making Chanel Mini Flap your wardrobe staple, you will never regret this decision. This bag has the only notable downside. Guess what? Yes, it’s the price! Chanel Mini Flap in lambskin will cost you $4,400 on the official website of the brand.

Not sure if a mini bag is worth such a huge price? Find more information about this status bag in our Chanel Mini Flap Reference Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the Smallest Chanel Bag.



Hermes Kelly Mini

Wardrobe Essentials: What Purses Should Every Woman Own? hermes kelly mini

Hermes Kelly bag is a dream of every fashion lover. Sadly, it’s not the bag for everyone. Among the reasons why most people will never get this purse is its price and a long waiting list. Yes, buying Hermes signature purses is tricky and complicated.

Hermes Kelly Mini is a tiny twin sister of the Kelly bag. It looks exactly the same: trapezoid shape, top handle, two-straps closure. In addition, it features a shoulder strap but has no clochette. This mini purse is an ideal investment, in case, you are lucky enough to buy one. Official retail price is unknown, but you still can find Hermes Kelly Mini bags in consignment stores. The cost of this second-hand luxury starts from $10,000.

Searching for something a bit more affordable and down-to-earth? Check our selection of Best Designer Mini Crossbody Bags That Deserve To Be In Your Collection.



Wardrobe Essentials: Tote

That is the obvious stop in our research while answering the question: “What Purses Should Every Woman Own?”. If you ask any woman about her wardrobe essentials, she would instantly mention a tote bag.

Why is it a closet staple: a tote bag is the key element of any wardrobe. It’s a practical, roomy, convenient and a useful must-have for many occasions. What makes it a closet staple is its opportunity to actually fit a lot (unlike tiny purses we’ve just discussed).

Where to wear: a tote bag can become your best friend for everyday use. Take it with you for shopping, studies, work, walk with kids in the park, running errands, day trips. Feel like carrying your entire life with you today? That’s the job for a tote bag! It fits more than a few essentials – add books, tablet or laptop, cosmetic pouch, a bottle of water… The list can be endless!

Our selection of top-3 luxury tote bags:

  •     Louis Vuitton Neverfull
  •     Chanel Deauville Tote
  •     Dior Book Tote


Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Wardrobe Essentials: What Purses Should Every Woman Own? lv neverfull

No matter how many tote bags there are in the world, the first silhouette that comes to our minds is Louis Vuitton Neverfull. The iconic classic and the most popular tote bag of all time! Available in several sizes and hundreds of colors and print variations, it’s the best gift you can ever give to yourself.

The purse can be found in retail and on second-hand markets. The price for a brand-new item in size PM made of canvas is $1,620, which is still inexpensive for a bag that is meant to last for decades! However, you can also find it cheaper. Check our shop – we still have one Louis Vuitton Black Epi Leather Neverfull MM bag in stock, which is quite a rare occasion (they are usually sold out immediately!).

The success of LV Neverfull is easily explained. If you still have any doubts, we can give you several solid reasons Why You Should Invest in Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Right Now.



Chanel Deauville Tote

Wardrobe Essentials: What Purses Should Every Woman Own? chanel deauville tote

Chanel Deauville Tote is a stylish statement by itself! The bag goes well with every outfit – skirts, jeans, dresses, sneakers, and even bikinis. The simple and elegant design made this model everyone’s favorite. Large and slouchy, roomy and convenient, it combines simplicity and chic. Just like any other Chanel accessory, it features chains and the logo of the brand.

Unlike LV Neverfull, which has a more formal look, Chanel Deauville is perfect for both urban clothing and beachwear. This handbag is mostly made of fabrics, yet it doesn’t change the fact that the price of this icon will be above average. The cost depends on the size, material, and condition of the item, – they are currently available only as pre-loved.



Dior Book Tote

Wardrobe Essentials: What Purses Should Every Woman Own? dior book tote

Dior Book Tote is a choice of many celebrities: the popularity of this purse was created by hundreds of Instagram posts. Nowadays, it’s a comfortable and stylish must-have. The bag has a structured look but tends to sag at the bottom (if there are way too many items inside). There are no interior pockets or lining so consider getting an organizer. Here is TOP 5 Best Bag Organizers For Your Designer Bag You Can Buy On Amazon Right Now

One of the obvious reasons for Dior Book Tote success is the amazing exterior. The purse looks like a piece of art with the signature embroidery of the brand. However, what may prevent you from the purchase is the cost. The official retail price of the smallest Book Tote is $2,550 for a mini size. If you want something that can fit your belongings, be ready to pay at least $3,100.



Wardrobe Essentials: Crossbody

Nothing can make the life of modern women easier than a spacious and practical purse. Crossbody bags have always been the top preference since they free your hands and allow to carry plenty of stuff.

Why is it a closet staple: crossbody bags are a perfect combo of versatility and size. They have enough space to fit daily necessities plus some extras (just in case), they can be carried on your back or side – however you like it, they are lightweight. An adjustable shoulder strap allows you to adapt its length to your height. Crossbodies go well with plenty of outfits.

Where to wear: anywhere you want! A crossbody is a great option for walking and running errands, suitable for both meeting with friends and a romantic date, going to movies, working, etc. Crossbody purses can perform the functions of everyday accessories, so it’s necessary to choose a quality and stylish one.

Our selection of top-4 luxury crossbody bags:

  •     Speedy Bandouliere
  •     Hermes Evelyne
  •     Gucci Soho Disco
  •     Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis



Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere

Wardrobe Essentials: What Purses Should Every Woman Own? lv speedy b

Turning an iconic silhouette into a practical purse with the help of a simple shoulder strap was a brilliant idea for Louis Vuitton. Speedy Bandouliere is an ideal city bag because of its roomy interior. Easy access to the belongings due to the top zipper makes it a must-have accessory for women who value comfort and style. The price of LV Speedy B 25 (the most convenient size) in canvas is $1,690.



Hermes Evelyne

Wardrobe Essentials: What Purses Should Every Woman Own? hermes evelyne

Simple and quite affordable Hermes purse! Evelyne model is the cheapest handbag that you can buy from Hermes, the price of this accessory is only $3,375. Adjustable shoulder strap, exterior pocket, and leather tab closure – the style of this purse goes better with jeans, pants, trench coats, and shorts. If you are more into romantic and feminine outfits, be sure to consider another model as your luxury purchase.



Gucci Soho Disco

Wardrobe Essentials: What Purses Should Every Woman Own? gucci soho disco

Gucci Soho is the first bag in our selection that has a rectangular shape. It’s one of the bestselling purses of the brand, despite being made in two color variations (rose beige and black). One of the main aspects that makes Gucci Soho so coveted is its cost! The official retail price of the accessory is only $1,250, which seems to be reasonable for a chic leather handbag of fine quality. Gucci Soho is a perfect choice for women who need a good “working horse”.

Having second thoughts about this brand? Yes, some people still believe that Gucci is not in the same league as LV, Chanel, and Dior. However, we can give you at least 5 Reasons Why Gucci Bags Are Worth Thousands of Dollars.



Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis

Wardrobe Essentials: What Purses Should Every Woman Own? louis vuitton pochette metis

Although Pochette Metis is not an official classic of the French luxury brand, every detail of it screams elegance and timeless design. First, it’s the shape: structured satchel-like silhouette that will look gorgeous with both feminine and edgy looks. Second, it’s both compact and roomy – the magical feature that all fashion lovers crave. And finally, it was crafted in many prints and materials that even the pickiest fashion lovers will find the design to suit their taste. The official retail price for LV Pochette Metis in canvas is $2,360. Seasonal models and leather options are more expensive.



Wardrobe Essentials: Backpack

Not only students and travelers need a backpack, but it’s also a perfect accessory for active people living in “concrete jungles”.

Why is it a closet staple: backpacks are reliable travel companions that allow you to free your hands, carry plenty of stuff, and put less pressure on your shoulders. It can change the whole look of a casual outfit, especially if you choose a designer accessory.

Where to wear: backpacks are a must-have for day trips, spending the whole day out (so you can put a bottle of water and a book inside), strolling in the park, biking or even hiking. Don’t hesitate to carry a backpack for studies or work. However, check the dress code requirements first.

Our selection of top-3 luxury backpacks:

  •     Louis Vuitton Palm Springs
  •     Gucci Ophidia backpack
  •     Prada Vela Backpack



Louis Vuitton Palm Springs

Wardrobe Essentials: What Purses Should Every Woman Own? louis vuitton palm springs

A backpack of a classic shape with a top handle, exterior pocket, and two shoulder strings. If you want a casual and quality accessory that fits all your essentials and match most of your clothing, LV Palm Springs is a safe choice. The official price on the LV website is $2,300 for a mini version in canvas and $2,570 for a normal size backpack. 

We, at Bagaholic, are happy to offer you another stylish backpack in signature Monogram canvas: Louis Vuitton Bosphore Backpack in mint condition for only $1,299.



Gucci Ophidia Backpack

Wardrobe Essentials: What Purses Should Every Woman Own? Gucci Ophidia Backpack

Appeared only in 2018, this backpack instantly became the bestselling accessory of the brand. Its unisex and versatile style is suitable for many occasions and outfits. Ophidia backpack features two very comfortable and wide shoulder straps, a top handle, and an exterior pocket. Although Gucci is considered to be the most affordable designer brand, the cost of Ophidia backpacks is not that low as you might expect: $1,790 for a mini version, and $2,200 for a medium-sized accessory.



Prada Vela Backpack

Wardrobe Essentials: What Purses Should Every Woman Own? prada vela backpack

Prada Vela Backpack is a great combination of functionality and style. Despite the minimalist look, it’s a wonderful companion for traveling or roaming around the city. Prada Vela differs a little from the two previous backpacks: it has two exterior pockets, a flap top and buckle closures instead of a zipper. In general, this accessory has a more relaxed look than the structured LV and Gucci models.

Want to have something special and unique? Check our article about Top 10 Best Designer Backpacks for Urban Commuters (+What Fits Inside) – we’ve gathered the most unusual and practical models in one place!



Wardrobe Essentials: Weekender

We have decided to include a weekender into the list of the wardrobe essentials among other things. Business trips and travels have also become an habitual ritual for many people.

Why is it a closet staple: the first weekenders were invented long before the travel boom of the 21st century. That means that these convenient and large carryalls have always been in high demand. Nothing is going to change anytime soon – whether you plan to visit your parents or friends living in another city, go on a short trip, or a romantic getaway, a designer weekender will be at your service!

Where to wear: business trips, overnight stays, weekend getaways, long-distance travels by plane, train or car. In addition, it can be used as a sports bag for going to the gym, yoga class, or fitness center.

Our selection of top-3 luxury weekenders:

  •     Louis Vuitton Keepall 50
  •     Louis Vuitton Keepall 55
  •     Louis Vuitton Keepall 60
  •     Gucci Ophidia Carry-on Duffle Bag



Louis Vuitton Keepall 50, 55 and 60

Wardrobe Essentials: What Purses Should Every Woman Own? louis vuitton keepall

When you think about a functional weekender, LV Keepall comes to mind first. No wonder, the bag was introduced in the 1930s and has become a non-official symbol of fashionable travels. The purse has a long top zipper opening to one roomy compartment. Inside, there is always an interior zipped pocket to keep the important stuff secure. All items (except LV Keepall 55) come with a long strap nowadays, so the bags can be carried on the shoulder.

Despite the huge size, LV Keepall is not as expensive as you may imagine. The cheapest model is LV Keepall 55 (without a shoulder strap) with an official retail price of $1,960. 

Can’t decide which of the LV Keepall sizes suits you the most? We have a helpful guide for you: What Size Louis Vuitton Keepall Should I Get. It contains a detailed description of all differences.


Gucci Ophidia Carry-on Duffle Bag

Wardrobe Essentials: What Purses Should Every Woman Own? Gucci Ophidia Carry-on Duffle Bag

Although it’s hard to compete with Louis Vuitton in the production of large travel bags, we think that the Gucci Ophidia Carry-on Duffle bag is worth your attention, too. It has a different shape: tall and narrow. However, don’t worry, this purse has a large capacity – up to 30 liters. The price of this travel accessory on the official Gucci website is $2,590.

Although the largest Gucci Ophidia may be too bulky to take it to the gym, you can find other sizes – small and medium – in both black and beige colors.


Creating a capsule wardrobe is quite a tricky task. Whether it comes to clothing, bags, or accessories, there always seems to be not enough items, right? However, when aiming for premium quality things, you will quickly realize that you don’t actually need the shelves full of handbags.

Moreover, designer purses can be affordable for everyone. For example, when buying them pre-loved. You can do it online – check our stock to find your luxury bag. When making a purchase on the Internet, always order a professional authentication. This is the only way to protect yourself from scams and fakes.

If you need to authenticate a Louis Vuitton/Dior/Gucci item, please order one of the three types of authentication:

Verbal Authentication $10

  • good when you need a certificate for any reason,

Certificate of Authenticity $25

  • good when you need a certificate for any reason, either to sell the bag with the peace of mind or to return a fake bag to the seller if you purchased a fake
  • includes a permanent certificate on

Certificate of Authenticity with a thorough explanation $50

  • good when you need a certificate and you need to know why the bag is authentic/not authentic for any reason, either to sell the bag with the peace of mind or return a fake bag to the seller if you purchased a fake.
  • includes a permanent certificate on
  • includes an explanation of why the item is fake (detailed pictures and comparisons with an authentic bag, more than 10 pics included)




Now, when you know the answer to the question “What purses should every woman own?”, it will be easier for you to decide which item to purchase next. We hope that our guide about wardrobe essentials gave you some stylish ideas!


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