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Which Gucci Purse To Buy: Gucci Soho vs Gucci Marmont

Which Gucci Purse To Buy: Gucci Soho vs Gucci Marmont

There’s no denying that we are currently witnessing a tremendous comeback of Gucci. The Italian fashion house has definitely had its highs and lows throughout the history but exploded in popularity in recent years. With the sales growing bigger and bigger, every fashionista is now craving a Gucci bag! In this article, we look closely at two iconic purses and try to find out which Gucci purse to buy: Gucci Soho vs Gucci Marmont?


Gucci Soho vs Gucci Marmont: Which Gucci Purse is a Classic?

The house of Gucci was founded in 1921, however, the most coveted and sought-after purses were created in the last decade. How so? It became possible thanks to amazing campaigns and an understanding of the modern fashionistas' needs. The big win for the company was the appointment of Alessandro Michele as its Creative Director. His highly original and eclectic vision helped the fashion house to achieve a new level of success and turn into the most valuable brand at the end of 2020, according to the Lyst Index.

Which Gucci Purse to Buy: Gucci Soho vs Gucci Marmont Gucci Marmont black

The Gucci Marmont line is one of the first creations of Alessandro Michele. The bag itself was introduced for Fall/Winter 2016 and serves as a tribute to the brand’s history. The re-branded GG hardware was inspired by a buckle designed in the 1970s, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the belt was the first item in the collection. Once released, the bag with a new rounded version of the logo became an instant hit and reached a cult status in several years.

The soft and feminine look of the hardware and laconic chic take us back to the times of Old Hollywood glamour, and there’s a reason for that. The bag was named after the famous Château Marmont hotel, which is located in LA and is known to be a residence for celebrities and actors. Looking at the elegant outlines of the bag, it’s actually hard to believe that this accessory celebrates its 7th birthday this year.

Which Gucci Purse to Buy: Gucci Soho vs Gucci Marmont gucci soho

Another participant of our Gucci Soho vs Gucci Marmont battle is again young but already a legendary and popular model. Created by Michele’s predecessor, Frida Giannini, in 2014, it was carried by lots of celebrities, such as Emma Roberts, Selena Gomez, and Amber Heard, which is always a stamp of Hollywood approval. With a large logo on the front, it was a perfect piece for the upcoming wave of logomania. Despite the fact that the Gucci Soho line has a few variations (including backpacks and tote), only one of them actually became a hit.



Gucci Soho vs Gucci Marmont: Distinctive Features

Which Gucci Purse to Buy: Gucci Soho vs Gucci Marmont

Now, it’s time to find out what makes each bag so special. Both accessories differ in style and are suitable for various occasions. No wonder, that fashion lovers find it hard to make a choice between them. Gucci produces durable items of high quality that are definitely worth the money. We’ve already discussed this phenomenon in our article - 5 Reasons Why Gucci Bags Are Worth Thousands of Dollars.

But let’s get back to our models and find their main distinctive features!

Which Gucci Purse to Buy: Gucci Soho vs Gucci Marmont gucci soho

Gucci Disco Soho is a bag of rectangular shape with rounded edges. It has an old version of the logo (two interlocking letters G, one of them is reversed) embossed on the leather. An adjustable shoulder strap (22 inches drop) is made of leather and allows to carry it on the shoulder or as a cross-body. Top zip closure opens to a spacious compartment with an interior flat and phone pockets. A detachable leather tassel matching the color of the purse creates a playful look.

Which Gucci Purse to Buy: Gucci Soho vs Gucci Marmont gucci marmont

The look of Gucci Marmont depends on the particular model, but there are some particular features typical for the whole line. First, it’s a new version of the logo – double G. The shoulder bag has two variations: one comes with a top zip closure, the second has a flap closure. The shoulder strap is made of leather and chain with a 23.5” drop. There is one compartment with an interior flat pocket.

Gucci Soho looks more casual and can be combined with more outfits (including sportswear), while GG Marmont creates a feminine and even somewhat retro look and can be a great choice for a formal dinner.



Gucci Soho vs Gucci Marmont: Materials Available

When it comes to choosing material, GG Marmont offers a wider range of options. It’s possible to purchase a bag made of:

  • iconic canvas with interlocking GG,
  • leather,
  • leather with print,
  • chic sequin embroidered quilted silk version.

On the other hand, Gucci Soho exists in one version only. It’s possible to buy a leather bag on the official website (black and rose beige colors). Previously, the palette was a bit bigger, so if you want to buy another color, you should search for it on the second-hand market. The rumors keep spreading that the large part of the line was discontinued to make the purse more exclusive and turn this accessory into the new it-bag. Well, let’s see if this can actually happen!



Gucci Soho vs Gucci Marmont: Sizes and Prices


Of course, no comparison of two bags can be thorough enough without looking at their prices. Have you already chosen your favorite? Now, it’s time to find out the cost of these beauties!

Which Gucci Purse to Buy: Gucci Soho vs Gucci Marmont Gucci Marmont black

Let’s start with Gucci Marmont. The information is taken from the Gucci official website. Note that the updated price lists for each Gucci marmont purse are located here:

GG Marmont Model


Size (dimensions)

2021 price

2022 price

GG Marmont Super Mini Bag




6.5"W x 4"H x 2"D












GG Marmont Small Shoulder bag

(zip closure)


9.5"W x 5"H x 3"D






GG Marmont Small Shoulder Mini Bag

(flap closure)


8.5"W x 5"H x 2.5"D






GG Marmont Small Shoulder Bag

(flap closure)




10"W x 6"H x 3"D









Python leather



GG Marmont Belt Bag


7"W x 4.5"H x 2"D




Which Gucci Purse to Buy: Gucci Soho vs Gucci Marmont Gucci soho

There is only one version of Gucci Soho available on the website. Well, for a bag of such status, there’s no need for a wide range of models. When people say “Gucci Soho”, everyone knows which bag is being described. Yet, we still have made a table with prices for you.

GG Soho


Size (dimensions)

Price in USD



8"W x 6"H x 2.5"D



If we want to compare the two purses in terms of price and size to understand which Gucci purse to buy: Gucci Soho vs Gucci Marmont, we can see that GG Marmont small shoulder bag with zip closure has similar dimensions to the Soho model, and yet it is 240 USD more expensive.

However, you can always purchase them way cheaper. Especially, if you are a fan of pre-loved items! We have a cute Gucci Quilted Leather Marmont Belt bag in adorable red color in stock.

Now let’s look at the pros and cons of these two models.



Gucci Soho vs Gucci Marmont: Pros and Cons

When choosing a perfect bag, it’s important to think of every aspect: most of all, to weigh all the pros and cons before spending a grand on a bag. Here are the positive and negative sides of both bags!


Which Gucci Purse to Buy: Gucci Soho vs Gucci Marmont gucci soho many colors

Gucci Soho Disco Pros:

  • Functionality. Despite its modest size, this baby fits a lot!
  • Universal style. Be sure that once having this purse in your collection, your hand will automatically reach for it no matter what is the occasion: date night, running errands, matching an office outfit or walking a dog in the park.
  • Timeless elegance. This purse has a great chance to turn into a new it-bag of the era.
  • It’s convenient and lightweight. The bag perfectly sits on the hip and doesn’t put a lot of pressure on your shoulder (even if you pack it fully!).


But, as we know, nothing is perfect in this world, so here are Gucci Soho Disco Cons:

  • Limited choice - just one new model.
  • Two neutral colors (might be devastating for those who love a bright palette).
  • The adjustable strap can curl up, especially if there’s a long loose end left.
  • The purse tends to sink in the middle with time.
  • The tassel can produce an unpleasant sound when walking (however, it’s not a big issue, as you can remove it).
  • The shoulder strap is not detachable.


Which Gucci Purse to Buy: Gucci Soho vs Gucci Marmont gucci marmont many colors

Now, let’s talk about GG Marmont. What are GG Marmont Pros?

  • Classical retro look, which makes it a perfect addition to any formal event.
  • Light vintage-like hardware. You can carry it on the shoulder and don’t even notice its weight.
  • Durable hardware due to aged look: no scratches will be visible.
  • Roomier than Gucci Soho.
  • A lot of versions (materials, colors, and sizes, including exotic leather).


Are there any disadvantages of having a Gucci Marmont? Sadly, there are! Here are GG Marmont Cons:

  • The shoulder strap of the model with a flap closure is not adjustable. It might be inconvenient for some people.
  • Soft leather is easily scratched and tends to lose shape fast.
  • There is no phone pocket.
  • The bag requires extreme care and very careful storage. 
  • Flap closure models don't have an additional closure to secure your belongings, so the edges on both sides stick out. 
  • The shoulder strap is not detachable.

To sum it up, we can say that lovers of comfort and universal style should probably choose the Soho model, and if you’re ready to be extra careful with your purse, then you can find a perfect item among the vast selection of Marmont purses.

Yet, we can name one thing that unites these bags: it’s the possibility to buy a counterfeit on the second-hand market. In order to avoid wasting money on a fake, be sure to check our Gucci Authentication Guide: 8 Steps to Spot A Fake and How To Read A Gucci Serial Number. If you want to be 100% sure about your purchase, don’t forget to order a professional authentication.



Gucci Soho vs Gucci Marmont: Wear and Tear 

No matter how cautious you are about your luxury bag, wear and tear is inevitable. These two models are made from different kinds of leather, so the issues you might face vary as well. Let’s see, which of the accessories is more durable!

Which Gucci Purse to Buy: Gucci Soho vs Gucci Marmont Gucci Soho red

Typical Gucci Soho wear and tear:

  • Shape loss. The pebbled leather is very soft, so with time, the bag will naturally change its shape, especially if you carry it as a cross-body. This seems to be the most common Gucci Soho wear and tear that the owners mention. But you can avoid it by using a special insert. 
  • The bottom tends to be covered in marks and dirt.
  • The loose end of the shoulder strap can curl up or stick out if it’s too long.
  • The tassel ends might split and fray.
  • Leather scuffing in the places where the bag rubs against the body.
Which Gucci Purse to Buy: Gucci Soho vs Gucci Marmont Gucci Marmont black

What about GG Marmont? Is it holding better? Well, as you already know this model requires more attention and care, so you have to be extra cautious when taking it out. Here are the main GG Marmont wear and tear:

  • Extremely soft leather can reveal wrinkling easily (for example, when opening the flap closure).
  • There are no bottom feet as a result, this part of the purse can be covered in marks and dirt.
  • Shape loss (but Gucci lovers say that GG Marmont seems more structured and sturdier).
  • Cracking of the shoulder strap.
  • Interior linen can reveal marks left by lipstick, gloss, or pen.
  • The glazing along the zipper closure might be chipped with time, as you constantly open and close the purse.

However, if you baby your luxury accessories and give them a little treatment once in a while, they can still remain in pristine condition. One of the most vital challenges for fashionistas is how to properly store your luxury purse.  Here is our thorough guide on How To Store Your Designer Bags with useful tips. 


Gucci Soho vs Gucci Marmont: Which Gucci Bag Is a Better Investment?

Which Gucci Purse to Buy: Gucci Soho vs Gucci Marmont

With the increase of the fame and popularity of the Italian brand, many people ask themselves a question: “Is a Gucci purse a good investment?”

Well, the most general answer would be yes, as the prices for the luxury goods of this fashion house only grow each year (and probably, this trend will continue). What about these two models? Which one has a better resale value? Let’s find out!

According to TheRealReal, which has recently made a list of the most popular Gucci bags in the secondary market, both models have a high chance to find a new owner, if you get tired of them one day. However, one bag was placed in the rating higher than another. Can you guess which one?

Okay, no more intrigue: Gucci Soho line holds an average 62% resale value, while GG Marmont holds a bit more (72%). Does that mean that the investment battle Gucci Soho vs Gucci Marmont is over? Oh, no! Soho Disco, which is a preference of modern fashion lovers, holds alone an average resale value of 83%! A truly impressive number that can mean only one thing: if you decide to resell your Gucci purse, there won't be any problems with it!



As the Italian fashion house draws more and more attention and breaks its own sales records annually, it’s only natural that people start to show interest in its goods. Gucci is a high-quality brand with a 100-year-old history, which now gets a new recognition due to its talented team of designers.

So there is actually no clear answer on which Gucci purse to buy: Gucci Soho vs Gucci Marmont  - each accessory has its strong sides and unique features. What do you prefer: chic and elegance or convenience and versatility? Let your heart make a choice! What team are you in?

If you are thinking of buying one of these beauties pre-loved, be sure to stay away from fakes. Here is our Gucci Bag Authentication Guide: 8 Steps To Spot a Fake. But if you want to be 100% sure that you are buying an authentic piece, always order authentication. We, at Bagaholic, can help you with that. 

Need To Authenticate a Gucci Bag?

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