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Full List of Louis Vuitton Speedy Limited Editions (Reference Guide)

Full List of Louis Vuitton Speedy Limited Editions (Reference Guide)

Speedy has been the oldest and the most iconic Louis Vuitton bag. Even if you're not into brands, you know what it looks like. Leather handles, iconic monogram pattern, slouchy shape.

In 2001 Mark Jacobs, Louis Vuitton creative director changed the Speedy future. He invited a renowned artist Stephen Sprouse to add a creative touch to Louis Vuitton collections. Speedy was the first experiment to later introduce limited edition collections every season.

Jacobs also paid a lot of attention to the fact that Japan is one of the top-grossing markets for the fashion house. He invited a Japanese artist Takashi Murakami to collaborate on a series of limited editions, including Speedy Cerises, Multicolor line and Speedy Monogramouflage.

Later, the fashion house collaborated with dozens of artists and designers to impress their followers. Classic Speedy was revisited in a number of ways, it was made from python, fur, denim, feathers, alligator, sequins and it was released in all the colors we can imagine. Louis Vuitton even released a collection with Da Vinci and Monet paintings.

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Full List of Louis Vuitton Speedy Limited Editions

 Picture Name Year Colors Sizes Original price Estimated resale price
louis vuitton speedy graffiti first limited edition 2001 Speedy Graffiti 2001 30 n/a 1200$
louis vuitton speedy cerises limited edition Speedy Cerises 2005 25 975$ 850$
louis vuitton neo speedy denim Neo Speedy Denim 2005, SS

blue, pink, green

30 1690$ 650$
louis vuitton perforated speedy 30 Perforated Speedy 2006, SS

green, pink, orange

30 1240$ 1400$
louis vuitton speedy fringe white multicolor Speedy Fringe 2006, SS

white, black

25 3150$ 2400$
louis vuitton speedy mirroir mirror silver bag limited edition Speedy Mirroir 2006, FW

gold, silver

35 2100$ 1300$
louis vuitton speedy dentelle 2007 limited edition lace flowers Speedy Dentelle 2007

gold, silver

30 2350$ 1000$
louis vuitton speedy mirage 2007 limited edition bordeaux Speedy Mirage 2007 FW black, bordeaux 30 1800$ 2100$
louis vuitton denim speedy limited edition Speedy Patchwork Denim 2007 SS blue, grey 30 2050$ 2000$
louis vuitton speedy mini lin limited edition Speedy Mini Lin 2008 Cruise dune, ebene,  white, pink  30 805$ 600$
louis vuitton speedy watercolor aquarelle with pink bag limited edition Speedy Watercolor Aquarelle 2008, SS white, brown 35, 30 1280$ 2000$
louis vuitton watercolor frame speedy with pink bag Speedy Frame Watercolor Aquarelle 2008, SS white, ostrich (orange, pink) 30 3600$ white
9000$ ostrich
2100$ white, ostrich negotiable
louis vuitton speedy monogramouflage green khaki bag Speedy Monogramouflage 2008, SS green 35 1580$ over 3000$
louis vuitton speedy cube bag black leather Speedy Cube 2008 FW black 20, 30 2910$ 2500$
louis vuitton speedy roses with pink flowers bag limited edition Speedy Roses Stephen Sprouse 2008 SS mono 30 1310$ 1200$
louis vuitton speedy graffiti green bag limited edition Speedy Graffiti 2009 SS green, pink, orange 30 1180$ 1110$
louis vuitton speedy monogram eclipse sequin Speedy Monogram Eclipse 2009 FW black, gold 28 2160$ 2300$
louis vuitton speedy 30 eden limited edition pink Speedy Eden 2010 SS green, peach 25 2330$ 1600$
louis vuitton speedy idylle limited edition bag Speedy Idylle Bandouliere 2010 Cruise Fusain, Encre? Sepia 30 1330$ 650$
louis vuitton fur speedy limited edition Speedy Damier Claire Obscure Faux
2010 FW gold, silver 30 11200$ varies
louis vuitton black flowers sequin paillettes fleur de jais speedy limited edition Speedy Fleur de Jais 2010 FW black 30 2420$ 2100$
Cuir Orfèvre Néo Speedy Couture 2010 grey, brown + croco PM (30), GM (35) PM $5450
GM $5950
Speedy Monogram Town Kusama 2012 red, green, white, blue, yellow 30 1220$ 1300$
louis vuitton speedy bouclette bag limited edition Speedy Round Bouclettes 2012, SS mint, grey, pink 30 4100$ 1000$
Speedy Round GM 2012, C yellow, blue 40 2820$ 1100$
Speedy Stone Bandouliere Rose
2012, C pink, caramel 35 2640$ 1600$
Speedy Suship North South 2012, C black/white 40 4700$ 2000$
Crocodile Old Speedy Flap 2012, C black, white, yellow 30 33000$ varies
Speedy Sunshine Express 2012, FW black, gold, green, bordeaux 30 4380$ 2400$
Speedy Golden Arrow 2012 FW black, bordeaux 30 3000$ 1700$
Speedy Leopard 2012 FW leopard 30 2760$ 2500$
Speedy Cube 2013 SS grey, yellow, brown, green, white TPM, PM, MM varies 900$
louis vuitton speedy east west limited edition bag Speedy East West 2013 SS black, green, grey, yellow 30 3250$ 1300$
louis vuitton speedy mink caresse fur limited edition bag Speedy Caresse Mink 2013 FW black, brown 25 8350$ varies
louis vuitton monogram chain speedy bag limited edition small 20 Monogram Speedy 20 Chain 2013 FW monogram 20 2140$ varies
louis vuitton speedy limited edition marabou blush bag Speedy Blush Marabou 2013 FW 25 7500$ varies
Speedy Devoile 2013, FW white, bordeaux, orange, yellow, black, khaki 20 7500$ 4500$
Speedy Damier Ebene Paillettes 2013, FW black, blue, bordeaux 30 2380$ 2000$
Speedy V 2015, SS grenade, turquoise 30 1390$ 1200$
Speedy Ramages 2015, SS grenade 30 1390$ 1100$
Speedy Totem 2015, FW brown with violet, brown with red 30 1550$ 1300$
Speedy Monogram Bay 2016,
rose 30 1370$ 1100$
Speedy Monogram Jungle 2016, SS red, blue 30 1370$ 1200$
Speedy Amazon NM 2016, SS

black/blue, white/black, bordeaux/white, black/blue

PM (23), MM (30) 1550$ 1550$
louis vuitton Speedy World tour limited edition 2017 Speedy World Tour 2016, FW 30 1700$ 1600$
louis vuitton speedu tahitienne pink flowers damier azur limited edition Speedy Tahitiennes 2017, SS $1700 $1700
louis vuitton limited edition speedy masters collection van gogh Speedy Masters 2017, SS Van Gogh, Rubens, Da Vinci
louis vuitton speedy race limited edition reverse monogram Speedy Race Bandouliere 2017, C 30
louis vuitton speedy space silver metallic limited edition full list of limited editions Speedy Space 2017, FW 25
louis vuitton speedy kabuki limited edition 2018 Speedy Kabuki Monogram 2017 FW 30
Speedy B Summer trunk Collection 2018, SS
louis vuitton speedy great britain union jack Speedy Union Jack 2018, SS 30 $1300 $10000
louis vuitton time trunk speedy Speedy Time Trunk  2018, FW 25
Speedy Love Lock
Speedy Catogram (Grace Coddington) 2019, C
Speedy Giant Monogram 2019, SS
louis vuitton speedy flowers garden
Speedy Garden Gold 2022, FW




  • Pubblicato da Missy Vela SU

    The Speedy Bandouliere in grenat (garnet) and bronze are limited edition metallic colors.

  • Pubblicato da Alis SU

    You forgot to ard the Speedy multicolore by Takashi mirakami. Limited edition

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