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louis vuitton authentication

Designer Brands Authentication Knowledge Base

If you'd like to learn more on purses of the designer brands, check out the following resources. These are our guides, compiled with love and care during years of closely working with luxury handbags. We keep our materials updated so you can rely on the articles.

We have 30+ thorough guides that explain how to authenticate luxury items with side-by-side comparisons. Check them out to get first-hand advice on authentication. Enjoy!


Louis Vuitton Guides

Louis Vuitton Date Code Guide with over 500 photo examples

Louis Vuitton Bags' Interior Lining Guide

Louis Vuitton Prints and Patterns Guide

Louis Vuitton Price Guide

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Limited Editions Guide

Most popular Louis Vuitton bags, their names and prices

Louis Vuitton Sunglasses Guide


Louis Vuitton Purse Guides

Louis Vuitton Speedy Guide

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Guide

Louis Vuitton Alma Guide

Louis Vuitton Coussin Guide

Louis Vuitton Bumbag Guide


Louis Vuitton Authentication Guides

Louis Vuitton Multi-pochette Real vs Fake

Louis Vuitton Croisette Real vs Fake

Louis Vuitton Alma BB Real vs Fake

Louis Vuitton Bumbag Real vs Fake

Louis Vuitton belts: Real vs Fake Comparisons



Chanel Bags 101: History, Leathers, Styles 

Chanel Leather Guide

Chanel serial numbers

Vintage Chanel Buying Guide

Chanel mini flap bag Guide

Chanel mini square Flap Real vs Fake



Gucci bags guide

Gucci belts Guide


Christian Dior

Christian Dior Bags Guide

Christian Dior Date Code/Serials Guide

Christian Dior Saddle Bag Guide

Dior Leather Guide

How to Spot a fake Dior



YSL College Real vs Fake



Hermes 101: Handbags, Styles

The Hermes Kelly Bag Guide

Hermes Leathers

Vintage Hermes Buying Guide